It is a devastating time for many right now, feeling powerless and without remedy or perhaps experiencing a lack of agency. So how are some ways we can empower ourselves? Regardless of the how, when, why and what, we are most definitely in a global crisis. 


We have been here before. 


The Spanish Flu killed an estimated 50 + million people 100 years ago. 


The loss of life was beyond devastating. The economic impact globally was horrendous, with many soldiers and men of working age returning home from War with the infection spreading to families. Spanish Flu is one of the deadliest pandemics in human history as it killed an estimated 2% to 5% of those who were infected. Many women were forced into labour; families were left without a father and breadwinner. The Spanish Flu also had a significant impact on international development through trade, leading many countries to enforce trading blocks in an effort to save their populations from the deadly strain. People’s mental health suffered dramatically during this time, with grieving families struggling to get support; let’s remember it was the early part of the 1900s. Children grew up in boarding houses, finding themselves in an unfamiliar place surrounded by strangers.


Masks, lockdowns, mandatory vaccines and curfews have been a part of human history, and they don’t suck any less now. Mandatory vaccines have been in effect all over the world for decades, as have curfews. Imagine the loss of freedom when Nazi’s invaded and curfews were imposed? It was a seen enemy. This isn’t quite as forthright is it? An unseen enemy leaves it open for interpretation and gaps with information we desperately want to fill.

Loss of freedom imposed by those we elect to power or reign places stress and hardship on communities. The particulars of these measures being imposed for protection or sinister reasons is not a topic I want to get caught up in here. What is my point? Humans have been here before, and so we can use the accumulated wisdom from those who have walked before us without succumbing to fear and base behaviours.


Understand the meaning of Bias. 

Keep away from emotive “fact” givers who may have some agenda attached. Who do they work for? What is their medical background in their country? A medical doctor in the USA can be a chiropractor. A celebrity shaming you for not getting vaccinated; also not ideal. Are they using their ego to platform themselves or are they too wracked in fear and trauma?

True wisdom comes from understanding the facts from each perspective as much as you can; try and find the truth in your opposing views. Keep the emotion out of it. Any social media post or article that claims to be informing and contains name-calling, mockery or is sourced from fake news or opinion posts is not the best place to get your info. There is a place for Opinion posts, this is our democratic freedom in motion, but it cannot and must not be confused with facts. Facts will be unbiased. They do not support only one perspective and objectively present the information. This goes for Pro or Anti. Such opposing stances. 


How we feel about this information and facts is our human right. But the information in its truest form requires some critical thinking. So source information that reports as factual information as much as possible and then make an informed decision. We are living in a time where we can access this information. Do not rely just on the opinion of others. Seek many sources of information from people who have a balanced opinion. 


You cannot throw the baby out with the bathwater. 



Learn how to use the Verbatim option on Google. The Verbatim search option searches for your enquiry on Google in exactly the same words as were used originally rather than a user-enhanced algorithm based on past searches etc. You will see the Verbatim option under your search bar in tools. Look for medical journals that have been cited by peers and are not influenced by the media. You may want to look for words like genome, Retrograde virus in research trials, DNA and RNA, Genetic Sequencing and Corona Virus, Deciphering the COVID-19 cytokine storm, Calming the Storm: Natural Immunosuppressants as Adjuvants, Gene Therapy, COVID impact on existing brain aneurysms fatal. Hmmm. Medical journals also have amazing cited positive research on plant based antiflammatories and trials etc etc. Balanced, tried, tested and endorsed by peers. Chinese medicine success for treatment  along with gene editing and the extraordingary breakthroughs in mRNA delivery curing disease- medical journals are complex reading for some but they are there for the public. 


Control what you can. 

There will be things you cannot control. The big news is full of propaganda, and they want you to watch; they are players with agendas. The television is filled with fear and messages that capture attention. What captures attention? Covid. 

Seek balance

These are uncertain times. Balance out your concerns with positive activities, particularly around children and young people. I thought about the Berlin War, monsters under my bed, bad men, and ice cream when I was a kid. Now, where do I start for my kids? The world is ending with Climate Change, the global pandemic, social media, education, PINs, playdates, classes, online world…. a 15-year old’s world is like never before. This is without the problems we face with living an everyday life. There must be joy found amongst the haste. 

Be kind

Your opinion is important, but so is mine. This is what a democracy is. Be respectful. Remember, when things go to shit in the world, our friends and families are far more likely to come to our aid than an opinion. 

Budget wisely

Not only are so many facing horrific financial hurt already, but the compounding of this will also most likely continue. The global trickle down on trade, food, imports etc. and job loss will impact cash flow in the coming 12 months at the very least. So try and be wise, save your money. Second-hand cars and goods have never been better priced in Australia. Got goodies you don’t need or want a good dollar for? Now is the time. If you have more than you need, share some, acts of giving and helping our people is intrinsic to being human, so get primal and support. 

Other Stuff

People are going through other real-life issues aside from COVID. If we distance, if we charge the atmosphere with fear and anger- need I say more? Conquer and divide is not an option now in this time and place. 

Mental Health

There are waiting lists now piling up in mental health. Don’t underestimate the online resources available. Some are free, and whilst a mental health assessment is always the first and best call if you are stuck, and I know so many people are- ask your health providers to recommend online resources. I have heard of people using crowdfunding to share the load for private medical fees. Please see at the bottom of this post our link for Mental Health resources.

Get ready to demonstrate your rights when the time comes but think it through. 

Mahatma Gandhi changed political protest. He didnt punch horses and he didn’t fill kid’s eyes with tear gas. 

His non-violent resistance helped end British rule in India and has influenced modern civil disobedience movements across the globe.

Once the vaccination rates have reached a point, perhaps you may use your democratic right to protest peacefully. Violent protest splits a community; peaceful protest is a healthy sign of democracy. See the article we wrote here with the Australian guidelines for our right to protest.

What is my stance, you might ask? You might not, but I will share it anyway. 

Well, here’s where the rubber hits the road, and this is not a clear cut decision. I did not really want to be vaccinated; the propaganda shocks me, the tomfoolery and clusterf**ck going on politically is concerning, and the gradual reduction of rights along with online censorship is deeply troubling. But just like a cancer patient who doesn’t want to line up for Chemo and the toxins it unleashes -commits to the procedure because they believe it is their most informed and best way to continue living, I have applied the same consensus with getting the injection. If I get COVID, it will impact my current condition severely. I have loved ones in the same boat. Some people choose not to get Chemo. Likewise with Vaccination. It is your choice. 

So how did I make this decision? Not from social media, not from watching the News or Youtube videos. They are such wonderful sources of information but with an Aneurysm and several other serious health issues that I am doing my best to heal, I don’t need nor want further damage or finale to this vehicle. So I knew I needed more indepth information.

I made an informed decision with the best information I could find over the last six months.  This was with the help of a Neurosurgeon who is not being paid by big pharma, along with several dear friends who work in medicine. But most importantly; I did my research to also try and understand the medicine in our world right now. Gone are the days of Penicillin. These are new times and it isnt the first time the every day person has been conflicted, confused and concerned about the bigger picture when don’t have a clear vantage point. I have quite literally saved hundreds of medical journals on just about every component from Genome, DNA structures and the RNA’s, I now know most of the major shareholders of big pharmas. I understand that for a person with an aneurysm a COVID-19 infection is accompanied by an aggressive inflammatory response with the release of a large amount of pro-inflammatory cytokines in an event known as “cytokine storm.” It is a vascular disease, inflammation acts as a critical contributor to aneurysm rupture. So can thrombosis, so with some vaccines, this needed to be taken into consideration. There was a lot to think about. We aren’t all sheep, and we aren’t all heroes, we aren’t all selfish and we are all doing the very best we can. Well, at least we should be. We are living through another big shift in the human story and it sure is getting interesting. 

Finally I quote from a very wise man;


“We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”

 – Martin Luther King, Jr.


If you are struggling or know someone who is, we have a link here with a bunch of resources. There are so many stories of people not knowing what to do or where to go. Click here:


Nerd fact: “Curfew” is a contraction of the original French couvre-feu, meaning literally “cover the fire”. The custom is said to have been introduced into England by William the Conqueror, but more likely, William enforced more strictly an existing regulation. 


Ponderers and counting...

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