• To pass the Happiness Test, our recommended products must pass some stringent testing. It must spark joy, be ethical and if it is Australian Made - it gets a big tick.

    We like to know the story behind the products and the quality must be HIGH! Enjoy this month's goodies and don't forget our Competition this month, we put together a prize pack including many of these and more.

  • Surf Coast Coffee Roasters

    We are very fussy coffee drinkers. So much so, the other half bought a professional coffee machine for home a few years ago. Whilst I scoffed at the time, it was sooooo worth it. The Barista in the family loves it and well, a good coffee means good beans and this lot DID NOT disappoint.

    Livign on the Geelong surfcoast has its benefits and this is one of them, all home delivered if you don't mind! We tried the Winkipop blend- described by the coffee experts as

    "Developed with high scoring beans from the worlds best coffee growing regions. A medium dark roast. This full bodied blend, with dark chocolate and liquorice notes, makes for a well balanced smooth coffee. Our favourite enjoyed as a rich espresso or with milk."

    Super impressed, and have bought again for the Ponderings team office.


  • Ok, so when I laid eyes on this new up and coming brand and saw the earrings it was a big yes. For one- hats off to fashion design graduate Jasmine from Blue Eyes Boutique for being so entrepreneurial. But Two- hello? Bougie heaven. Hand sewn designs and with accessories like these, we were impressed. A big congrats and watch this space...

  • Janelle Mcmillan is an amazing author and her book Rafting a Wheelchair Won't Stop Us! is a must for parents and children alike with a focus on all abilities.

    We were fortunate enough to interview Janelle in our Ponderings Radio podcast- which you can listen to here: Janelle Interview

    Her book can be purchased here: https://shop.fullersbookshop.com.au/p/child-family-development-rafting-a-wheelchair-wont-stop-us and our Giveaway this month is a copy of Janelle's book along with a Ponderings Cookie. We know right?

    Head over to our Ponderings instagram page and leave Janelle a warm message and you might be the lucky one!

  • Green living Australia

    We bought a Yogurt maker and we are using it weekly. Fresh yogurt ready in the morning with all natural ingredients - up to 2 litres and they sell all the ingredients as well. Say farewell and goodbye to preservatives and weekly plastics. The Online shopping platform was easy to use and delivery was fast and well packaged.

    This incredible company was a great find, and we also purchased a range of Wool roving gear from Ashford Store a New Zealand company. These products are so beautifully crafted and are top notch, incredibly high quality and brilliant for combing raw fleece ready for weaving or felting.

    If you want to make your own Feta, sour dough, if you need fermenting gear, ALL KINDS OF Wonderful - head on over and check them out:


  • Hemp Oz-

    Australian Made and a very impressive company we purchased the Hemp Seed Oil. Used in salad dishes and a light sprinkle on scrambled eggs this is a keeper product.

    Their postage was super quick, well wrapped which is super important at the moment.

    From their website:

    Hemp Oz's purpose is to provide the best organic natural products to health conscious consumers. Wholesome hemp innovation in food, beverages and oils.
    100% Australian owned and operated business located in Sydney.

    Hemp seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids; the right balance of omega 3 & omega 6 in a 3:1 Ratio.

    Hemp seed oil can help the body to metabolize fat, counteract aging, lower cholesterol, increase immune system strength and help prevent cardiovascular disease.

    Check them out https://hempoz.com.au

  • ** NONE of the above product endorsements were paid and all of them were tested and purchased by us.

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