• To pass the Happiness Test, our recommended products must pass some stringent testing. It must spark joy, be ethical and if it is Australian Made - it gets a big tick.

    We like to know the story behind the products and the quality must be HIGH! Enjoy this month's goodies and don't forget our Competition this month, we put together a prize pack including many of these and more.

  • As featured in Ponderings this month for Book week:

    Pina Di Donato’s has emerged to the self-help arena with her newly released book Who Switched the Lights On?
    Self-described; it is a companion guide for the person ready to have an illuminated life.

    The 158-page paperback is easy to read, down to earth, humble and give’s a first person account of the author’s journey after reaching 40; living more consciously and mindfully.


  • Sharlees Rayne-

    Australian made from an entrepreneur who has created something a little more than wonderful. This month we tried the Sharlees Rayne Hair Mask and we were not disappointed. Nourishing, creamy and the scent- Wow- we are smitten and will be back for more. Cruelty free and made from all things healthy we highly recommend this luxe hair treatment.

    Sharlee, a hairdresser and style officianado created the company and says:

    "After working with multiple brands and products on the market throughout my time as a hairdresser, I wanted products that were formulated to suit everyone’s needs. I am confident that Sharlees.Rayne Haircare has a product for everyone. Australian Owned and Operated every bottle is specially formulated to suit your needs. Not to mention all of the good stuff. Organic Ingredients, Cruelty Free, Vegan Friendly and Sulphate and Paraben Free. Why not try it for yourself?"


  • Janelle Mcmillan is an amazing author and her book Rafting a Wheelchair Won't Stop Us! is a must for parents and children alike with a focus on all abilities.

    We were fortunate enough to interview Janelle in our Ponderings Radio podcast- which you can listen to here: Janelle Interview

    Her book can be purchased here: https://shop.fullersbookshop.com.au/p/child-family-development-rafting-a-wheelchair-wont-stop-us and our Giveaway this month is a copy of Janelle's book along with a Ponderings Cookie. We know right?

    Head over to our Ponderings instagram page and leave Janelle a warm message and you might be the lucky one!

  • The Dog

    Practical, amusing and the TECHNIQUES WORK! We purchased this to help with our Border Collie X Kelpie, and let's be honest this is no easy feat lol.

    "The Dog Whisperer is the essential guide to training your canine companion. Based on the premise that the modern dog still shares many of the behavioural characteristics of its ancestor, the wolf, this book will show you the ten keys to effective training and how to put those keys into practice."

    Check it out on Goodreads https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/24017.Dog_Whisperer

  • ** NONE of the above product endorsements were paid and all of them were tested and purchased by us.

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