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  8. Agree that if you purchase a copy of the Anthology directly from us it awill be sent after December 2020 in a timely manner, however should circumstances outside of Ponderings and associated person’s control prevent or hinder delivery they cannot be held responsible and will endevour to send the copy to you at the earliest possible time.

  9. Agree that should the subscriber not be able to access the Application Platform due to their phone restrictions or inadequate technology understanding, they will notify Ponderings Australia as soon as possible via Ponderings website or on our Facebook Messenger or email editor@ponderings.com.au so that help can be given. Should the person/s not be able to access it due to inadequate service, or due to a technical problem between the application platform and the device being used, Ponderings Australia will not be liable or responsible in any way. The application platform is a bonus item. The digital subscription is for the Digital Access for the email of the latest articles, and access to the recorded articles from Ponderings Magazine. In addition to this a mobile application is also available.

  10. Agree that the postage and handling of the Ponderings Anthology Coffee Table edition is the responsibility of the delivery service and Ponderings Australia and associated persons can not be held responsible for damage in transit once it has left our premises or the premises of a selling agent.


In alignment with the https://www.humanetech.com 

Our promise to you

Ponderings seeks to inform and inspire, providing you with stories about people you may not have had the opportunity to know otherwise. We seek to bridge the gap between inequality, inclusion and polarization through a shared narrative. Our promise to you is to commit to doing so ethically; we no longer use social media platform advertising, we built our app ourselves so not to expose you to data collection and protect your privacy, and we continue to navigate this space with integrity and the information available to us. 

We always seek permission from contributors and artists. We pay our journalists. We do not use paid product placement, and we do not advocate for anything in return for money —pure storytelling without any sleight of hand. 

Rules of engagement

We will not:

  • Set posting quotas to optimize for the algorithm.
  • Further amplify sensational stories, employ opaque “curiosity gaps”, or use copy as clickbait.
  • collect any data that isn’t provided with your express consent or necessary for the basic management of our web properties (
  • Monetize our content through the use of interruptive or targeted ads, or any ads for that matter.
  • Use a Facebook tracking Pixel or Instagram pixel to track your movements.
  • Invite in dialogue and commenting on our posts, but will not stand for hate speech or other inflammatory attacks e.g., revealing personal information, using obscene language, etc.

Ponderings is a Magazine to spark your innate curiosity and share the stories of us. An eco-system of three dynamic layers; digital magazine + podcast, in-print anthology + App.

A new paradigm in storytelling, Ponderings is a grassroots magazine platform and a feast for the heart and mind, seeking to inform, inspire and create reflection.

Real stories and emotional intelligence combined with creating a community rewarded with a sense of connection is the guts of it. It’s resonating quickly.

Ponderings online magazine was born from an existential crisis and the personal forging from tragedy to triumph. A positive space.

I believe people are seeking something more, a primal need to be together in what can feel like a very separate world. There are stories out there waiting to be told. A communication feast of the heart and mind is at our core at Ponderings.