I am a Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Friend, a Writer and Lover of the Arts.  I am also someone who lived with an inoperable Brain Aneurysm. It healed. Good news right? Over this journey I have learned how to walk again, I was blind, I have been chopped, stitched, broken, mended and blessed and I am still here. But most importantly I am a wordsmith and a lover of the crafted word, I love stories and the narrative between humans that can be created when we share those stories.

With a swiftly growing subscription base and ongoing support from some of the countrys best writers, the success of Ponderings comes down to the everyday stories of us. There is no room for elitism here, or celebrity. But there are story tellers!

Life is all about light and shade, which means when we are real and when we communicate with vulnerability and truth it also reflects the same light and shade, and this means connection.

For the last 4 years I have written a blog about my path, mixed in with some quirk, a bit of dark humour and the real stuff with the hope that some of you might join me on the journey to wellness and recovery. Along that old stony road I have been met with grace and have made many friends along the way.

Many are brave, some are well known, some are not. Some are whistleblowers, some are inspirers and many are disruptors. All share a sense of humour and strive for the greater good of humanity. Ponderings is about the creatives, the inspirers and the gritty change makers.

My mission is to take you, the reader, the viewer and the listener, the Witness- through a journey of tears, laughter, breathlessness and heart smiles, into a world of reflection and evaluation. A positive space, but not one that oozes positive rhetoric, but real, no BS, warts and all humanity with an edge of humour that brings the tribe together. Telling each other our stories is also about developing theoretical paradigms for making sense of the world we live in. Pondering is an expression in a discourse of a distinct mode of experiencing and thinking about the world- in simpler terms real events that showcase emotions with the addition of quirk and humour = interesting.

We welcome you to our humble space and hope you enjoy your visit.

Welcome and Blessings

Kirsten Macdonald x