In the beginning…

Ponderings is a Magazine to spark your innate curiosity and share the stories of us.

Founder and editor Kirsten Macdonald had what some may call an existential crisis in the form of a craniotomy that left her living but also having to learn to walk again, she was blind, chopped, stitched, broken and put back together again.

Another inoperable brain aneurysm took her love of life and need to fulfil it to the next level. The stories and the narration of our lives was the driving force of turning a blog into a Magazine filled with these stories.

You can read more about that story here. Otherwise scroll down for the cool stuff that happened next…

With a swiftly growing subscription base and ongoing support from some of the country’s best writers, the success of Ponderings has been exciting and is now a community.

Life is all about light and shade, which means when we are real, and when we communicate with vulnerability and truth, we get a connection. The stories of us.

Our mission is to take you, the reader, the viewer and the listener, the Witness- through a journey of tears, laughter, breathlessness and heart smiles, into a world of reflection and evaluation. A positive space, but not one that oozes positive rhetoric, no BS, warts and all humanity with an edge of humour that brings the tribe together. Telling each other our stories is also about developing theoretical paradigms for making sense of the world we live in.

Ponderings is an expression in a discourse of a distinct mode of experiencing and thinking about the world- in simpler terms- real events that showcase emotions with the addition of interesting.


Kirsten Macdonald

Kirsten Macdonald

Wordsmith & Editor

Narnia, A Faraway Tree with a smidge of a Doc called Suess, and some Kahlil Gibran is the word charm that grew seeds in Kirsten Macdonald's imagination. She has an innate curiosity about the stories of "us" and a deep faith that is strongly supported by a dark sense of humour.

Ask this wordsmith about anthropology, ancient religions, the curious nature of humanity and the incredible cuteness of sloths and you will have a conversation for hours.

Writer, editor and researcher, Kirsten has developed Ponderings into a space that is now shared by a team and a shared vision that is infectiously positive and forged in good stuff.

Kate O'Donnell

Kate O'Donnell

Wordsmith and Media Officer

A celebrated and award winner author, key note speaker and educator, Kate O'Donnell is passionate about advocacy. A tree house lover from way back and is quite partial to a warm fire, guitar and the great outdoors. Kate can often be found in the company of 2 labradors, a jack russel and a parrot! 

She completed her Bachelor of Teaching, and Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Anthropology.

Kate spent her teaching days, living in an Aborigianl communities working with the Mardu people in Jigalong WA and  the Yolgnu people of Ramingining in Arnhem Land NT. 

A beloved team member of Ponderings.


Jasmin Pedretti

Jasmin Pedretti


Deakin University Journalism graduate, Jasmin Pedretti, has a collection of passions. Food, culture, travel, and books spark her joy. After studying abroad in Milan and trekking Europe, Jasmin has enjoyed dabbling in a variety of different activities, in pursuit of a new hobby.

This wordsmith enjoys watching documentaries about celebrities from the golden era, winding down with yoga, spending quality time with her dog and writing articles for Ponderings Magazine about people who inspire. If you can’t find Jasmin, she’s probably in a treehouse somewhere reading Bronte.

Thankful to be working with an incredible team, Jasmin feels proud that Ponderings is giving the unheard a voice and shining a light on important topics that are often ignored.

Cassidy Krygger

Cassidy Krygger

Wordsmith & Actress

Cassidy Krygger is a young actress and writer with a passion for film, history and media. With qualifications in Social Media Marketing and a Acting for Film and Television. Our shining star Cass is fantatical about old worlde Hollywood and has an impressive Instagram following of 40,000+ 

 Her favourite author is Emily Bronte and her perfect day consists of reading a good book and watching a classic movie. London is a favorite haunt and Cassidy loves to travel. 

Alongside this, Cassidy has a passionate interest in making a positive change in the world, and this passion flows through into the media work she contributes to as part of the Ponderings team.


Montanna Macdonald

Montanna Macdonald

Journalist & Public Relations Officer

Promotions Team member and wearer of a mascot suit when required, Montanna is passionate about human rights and is a member of the United Nations Youth. A talented wordsmith, she will write a speech to move an audience and inspire them into change, and can make an excellent coffee, because coffee is life.

The art of communications, public relations tied in with a social conscience that runs deep fuels Montanna's Bachelor of Arts- BA focused in Communication, Journalism,

She has worked with Emmy Award winning producers, has a Stevie Nicks obsession and holds a strong belief in loyalty and integrity.

Harry Potter holds her heart and the Book of Kells. 

Melanie Pearson

Melanie Pearson

Music Ponderer & Public Relations Officer

Grassroots music is the beat underlying this chics life. The eclectic stylist, traveller and avid collector of stories is our Music Field Ponderer. Her perfect day is sitting cross legged under a leafy green tree breathing in Paul Kelly thinking of Stevie Nicks. Skirt spinning holds no shame and top hats are a must.