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Changing and Creating Change

As Gandhi rightly said, “We must become the change we want to create” and if you can realise the true meaning of this then you become more powerful than you think you are. Melissa Griffiths ponders…

Five More Minutes

Life was hard in our house, but because it was filled with so much love and laughter; these became sacred bonds- unbreakable.

EIGHT Wacky Fads That Should Never Come Back

Okay, so these actually happened. Before Tik Tok and flossing, our human race got into some pretty bizarre stuff. It’s amazing what the world can obsess over. We have collated the eight most absolutely wacko fads of all time for your amusement.

The Top 3 Australian Tech Whiz Chics To Watch

You may be familiar with Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs. But have we all heard about Marita Cheng, Cyan Ta’eed and Melanie Perkins?

Talking Transgender Truth and Trials with Melissa Griffiths

Words by Jasmin Pedretti We sit down with Melissa Griffiths, transgender authority and advocate, to talk about her personal experience as a transgender person and her role in raising awareness and inclusivity in the workplace. What is your favorite thing about being a...

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

words by Kate O'Donnell I would like to tell you that there are specific types of autism, but the truth is whilst with new terminology there is only...

Rotten Onions Turned Into Daffodils Bring On 2020

2019 swung around delivered a doozy of delights. Lessons encrypted so tightly it was like trying to force open a Da Vinci codex. Learning came faster than QANDA quips on climate change, and my heart was broken and mended repeatedly. There was a shower floor moment- a first…

Does the Thought of 2020 “Spark Joy” For You?

Janus-faced, we look both backwards and forwards as we reach the threshold of a new year. Remember the adage? Divided we fall.

Crumpets and Farting Rainbows

words by Kirsten MacdonaldWaxing lyrical about a majestic universe or avoiding A-Hole retrograde? You have come to the right place. Humans of the earth I am going to cut right to the chase: where does the need for people to be un-nice come from? Truly? Lately it...

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Ponderers and counting...

The State of Being Faye – Changing Health for Australians

words by Kirsten Macdonald When I first met Faye Kendall, I knew she was someone I would like to interview one day. With a keen sense of understanding people and a high intelligence hidden beneath a humble smile, Faye is somewhat of an enigma around Geelong. Her...

Unapologetically Her

What does it take to climb a mountain of adversity as a child, to find yourself as an adult in a place of complete devastation? Sitting with the realisation you are deeply unhappy. .. Words: Kirsten Macdonald For one Australian woman,  the decision to alter her life...

Broken Feet

Her shouts are a barely audible whisper, drowned out by his need to fix the woman’s broken feet. His need to help. His good intentions were loud.

We acknowledge the people of the Kulin Nation, on whose unceded sovereign land we work. 

We pay our respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging.

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