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The Tangible Oscillation of Us

Welcome to Spontaneous Self-Organisation, the stuff of physics excitement or the resonating consciousness of a species on the brink of breakthrough? We Ponder…

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Three Ingredient Scones

Three Ingredient Scones

This recipe has been in my family for a very long time, and I am probably going to get into strife for sharing it. Whenever one of us whips this out; those indulging will remark in wonder. Well, in the sake of goodwill and sharing here is our scones recipe with three ingredients. Super fluffy scones you can whip up quickly, and they are delicious.

The Ghost Lights of Australian Nights

The Ghost Lights of Australian Nights

You may have heard of the spooky Australian folklore about the Min Min lights around the campfire, in Aussie shows like McLeods Daughters, Slim Dusty songs, or maybe you have witnessed this hair raising phenomena yourself. With hundreds of sightings around Australia for thousands of years, perhaps these lights are not a myth?



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Kristy Hunter For Ponderings Magazine

Kristy Hunter – The Resolver

Kristy Hunter is the golden expert in conflict resolution and driver for emotional growth and wellbeing. A leadership mentor and workplace consultant, this is one no BS  authentic human and we welcome her to Ponderings.

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Renae Lauren – Blogger

Renae Lauren’s writing flair and experience reads like an eclectic menu of finesse. The Marketing Coordinator and serial blogger has communications and media prowess with a love for fashion, travel and Italian fine food. 


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Kate O’Donnell – Planet Spectrum

Teacher, mother and writer along with advocate for Autism, Kate is a favourite with Ponderers. An award winning author Kate is on a mission and it’s insightful…

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Kate Dulhunty

Wadawurrung/Torquay-based writer and poet.  In her personal work Kate explores identity, intimacy and ‘place’, both visually and through prose with zesty philosophical and psychological infusions. She’s also a photographer who shoots on various film cameras, capturing the subtleties of what light does to things like leaves.

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Ponder Kindness Part Two

There is nothing I like more than meeting a person who surprises you with a character that is refreshing and far from mundane.   This interview with Fr. Rod has created a joyful series of conversations that spark the mind. The most refreshing facet of this man...

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