Sally Wilson, a true risk-taker and norm-challenger, has lived a life characterised by boldness and nonconformity. She rose from humble beginnings as a farm girl to achieve a 20-year international career as a high-profile opera singer.

Having dedicated herself to exploring the essence of wellness in mind and body and the path to human potential, Sally has spent time in Zen monasteries and ashrams and studied Aikido and philosophy. In addition, she has run trail ultra-marathons, practised yoga, delved into meditation and trauma resolution techniques, and acquired the secrets of peak performance through practical, personal experience.

With a mission to help people transform their baggage into gold and unleash their potential for true success and happiness, Sally’s work spans the peak performance realm – an area she has unparalleled expertise in – to PTSD resolution, blending cutting-edge science with ancient wisdom. 


Sally is also the host of “Being with Sally,” a thought-provoking podcast that delves into the many facets of high performance, personal growth, and wellbeing, featuring captivating guests worldwide. 

 We ponder…

Sally Wilson

If you could use only three words to sum up 2022 what would it be?


Expansive, frictional, illuminating. (Or “very, very fleeting!”)


What is the greatest lesson you will take into 2023?

The many layers of, and ways to, choose peace. (Ongoing! )


What is the greatest lesson you will take into 2023?

The many layers of, and ways to, choose peace. (Ongoing!) The more I play with this intention, the more layers I discover – from basics of management of the day like not over-committing, allowing enough time to get places so there’s no rush and allowing spaces for simply being, not doing; choosing not to take ownership for other people’s ‘stuff’; choosing not to identify with the mind’s unceasing chatter, judgements, rehashing of events, doubt etc. Choosing, instead, to focus on the silence upon which noise is like paint on a blank canvas. Letting pointless ‘thinkingness’ go… it’s such a relief


Who is the most inspiring human you have met this year?

Tim Thomas – Commando in your Corner.


Any exciting plans for the new year?

Yes! More time writing and illustrating, more time in the desert, meeting and working with more extraordinary people! And maybe, just maybe, transcending the ego… 


Family and friendship is…

The glue of life’s often seemingly discordant bits and pieces.

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