Help! There’s a Meteor In My Garden!

Written by Kirsten Macdonald

May 23, 2020

I watched a dandelion yesterday as I sat in the garden, all its small fluffy seeds floated away in the wind.

I watched it until I couldn’t see it anymore. Such a simple act induced a feeling of calm, of wonder, and my inner child was content. Wondering where each of those small seeds might fly to, perhaps the seeds might drift onto the withered hand of a man in a nursing home, out for his morning sun.

Maybe they might flutter down onto the nose of a cow as she licks the dew from her calf? *sigh* They might get sniffed up my nose and make me sneeze and choke until I place so much pressure on my lower intestines I fart a little. God only knows. *whoops*

The uncertainty is real. Perhaps these little fluff delights get sucked into space and transform into micro flaming meteors smashing back down in my garden. 

There are so many things in life we believe we have control over, and power is a coping mechanism. When in fact, our circle of control is much smaller than we think albeit powerful in that smallness. Anything can happen at any time, so when you live for the moment, you live in reality. You can plan for the future at the moment, and you can reflect on past hurts and transform them in the moment. However, living in the moment and being lead very intuitively with what our needs are in this time and space creates some incredible action. 


Perhaps someone very dear to you just left your world, and you have absolutely no idea what life looks like without them in it physically. 

Here are some things I have learned- Uncertainties in life are guaranteed.


Some are larger than others. One moment everything is going ok, the next BAM- you are having a seizure and being told you have multiple micro haemorrhages in your noggin.

You may find yourself in life a position where someone else has to shower you, dress you or feed you. But you have control inside the possibilities of what you CAN do.

You may be waiting for a job offer to come through, a house loan, a house sale, a romantic text message, a cancer-diagnosis. Anything at any moment can potentially tip your life upside down. That Uncertainty seed can grow branches of frustration, limitations, fear, hasty decision making, forcing a situation, sleepless nights and destructive action, extreme stress and illness- to name a few.  No longer a seed, it is a lava shit-show permeating every section of your life setting it ablaze with embers you cannot put out – IF YOU ALLOW THEM. 

Uncertainty can become less imposing and more of a curiosity and a place for possibility about to unfold. But to experience this kind of relief, we need to take the situation, place it in our hand, turn it over and examine it a little. Because once you understand the way it affects you when it makes an impact, life starts to get really interesting. It certainly can relieve some of the pressure. Because uncertainty can cause pain, and pain needs relief, right?


Pain can be dealt with the way it is supposed to be, as a teacher and growth accelerator.

Joy doesn’t have to claw its way up from the mire stuck down in between our busy lives like coins in a couch sofa. Joy can bubble and burst through like a happy surprise daily. Deep feelings of calm, grace, and grounded surety can be felt in your bones. Note: there is room in life for sadness and melancholy, but only a little.

Uncertainty, the perceived loss of control and limbo can be torturous and horror-filled depending where it sits on the scale.

It’s all up to you. Our personalities show up when these meteors hit. What does is it telling us? 

Alarm clocks sound to wake us up. What we do when we realise we are awake is up to all of us. Do we give ourselves permission to be still and seek out the simple things in life? Or do we get out and smash life with a gusto that is a powerful force to be reckoned with? Neither is wrong, both when lived without bullshit and high doses of “real” are the tickets to your adventure. For example, you may be so busy busy busy you are multi-tasking and accidentally send a rambunctious naughty message designed to make your sister laugh to a Facebook stranger selling potato sacks. This can happen. No control over that one, or maybe the busy part. Hmmm. Pondering…


First, we must pause. Rebelling internally or externally against pausing is putting off pulling the thorns from your feet, ignoring the meteors burning your life down.  

When we delve into a pause, sometimes we don’t like what we find there. 

Exploring our monsters and fears can bring great gifts of understanding. Understanding means clarity. To be honest about ourselves requires courage. Monsters aren’t always out to eat our hearts, sometimes they need a cuddle, and their fangs need a trim. The truth is, there are so many elements of information to which we don’t always have access. Situations sometimes need to show us more or alter before we can see them for what they indeed are. 

Unhurried hands and minds make the best meals from scratch, tell the best bedtime stories, write beautiful music and see the colours in a sunset for the beauty they are designed for,  and allow the balance to course through the body and mind. 

We need to engage our Visual (see), Auditory (hear), Kinesthetic (feel), Olfactory (smell), Gustatory (taste) and Soul (soul) senses to be present. Take a breath in, what can you smell, see, hear, feel, taste? This is how you experience life. 


You can be as resilient as flint and ready to set the world on fire when you ease into the pause. 

So seek out any tools you need to help scaffold your process. Resources are important. A listening ear, keeping a journal, perhaps a Youtube inspirer who resonates with you will be good for the soul to help soothe it from being woken up so abruptly. But whatever you do, don’t go back to sleep. 

It is time to choose your adventure, and the answers may come while watching a dandelion. 

If you liked reading this, you might like to listen to more about Uncertainty and Kirsten over at Podcast One’s Hometruths. To listen – CLICK HERE. 


Written by Kirsten Macdonald

Award winning fitness champion and campaigner for those who want to be the best version of themselves.

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