In the enchanting realm of Wallington, there exists a story of love that transcends mere emotion. It’s a tale woven into the fabric of an abode that’s more than a venue – The Barn Wallington. This place is the incarnate vision of GG and John Hanrahan, whose love story doesn’t just end at “I do” it begins there, transforming into an everlasting legacy.

The year 2011 marked the commencement of their extraordinary journey when they pledged their vows amidst the rustic charm of their barn, swathed in a symphony of festoon lights, celebratory champagne, and quaint gelato vans.

A bond was fortified, a story commenced, and an idea sparked – one that would transform their personal utopia into a dreamland for countless other couples. The design was to construct an oasis of love where couples could embark on their marital journey uniquely and stress-freely, with just music and catering left to their whims.

And just like that, The Barn Wallington came alive, its rustic charm bewitching all. It caught the eye of Farmer Wants a Wife and hosted photoshoots for international magazines and pre-wedding sessions; the popular wedding venue was hailed as one of the top 10 barn venues in the world by Bridal Musings publication.

The beautiful Bellarine Peninsula jewel is a testament to love for hundreds of couples. A place where “I do’s” echoed a new love story etched in its heart each time.

“The joy of it all comes from the freedom,” GG reveals, speaking of the magic they’ve been weaving, “Creating such an intimate, rustic experience so close to the urban hubs of Geelong and Melbourne is our reward. This place is more than just a venue; it’s 30 acres of undulating greenery in the idyllic Wallington, a stone’s throw from Ocean Grove and Barwon Heads.”

The allure of The Barn Wallington is its inherent adaptability. An elegant BYO drinks and catering venue that sheds the pretence of premium price tags. Yet, the true charm lies in its openness – inviting couples, families, and close friends to take over the space the day prior.

This personalisation freedom allows for a deep sense of connection, transforming the wedding day into something more profound. Whether boho-inspired weddings or formal grandeur, intimate gatherings or a crowd of 150, The Barn embodies the soul of GG and John.

Indeed, The Barn Wallington isn’t just a wedding venue; it’s an embodiment of GG and John’s love, their mission to provide every couple with the ability to weave their unique love tale. It’s a testament to the potential of love and the beauty of creating a space for life’s most cherished memories.

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