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With a global pandemic spreading more than a little chaos across the globe, many Australians now have a newfound passion for cooking and baking following the strictly imposed 4 reasons to leave the house.

There is no reason to stick with boring recipes with this round-up of Australia’s Top Food Recipes Bloggers hailing from each state around the country. Sweets, breakfast, snacks and meals – they hit all the bases and live, breathe and think food every day of their lives.

VIC – Lisa Eats World


Having travelled the world, Lisa now calls Melbourne home. With roots spread from South Australia to Melbourne to London and then back to Melbourne again – it’s the Melbournian coffee and beaches that brought her back. Lisa’s blog is a mixture of her wandering reviews, recipes, travel and lifestyle. Lisa has been described as avid food lover since birth from her mum and her go-to’s are  “pretty sweet things”, brownies and cupcakes – which I have to say I am in agreeance on this one. This food blogger left her full-time role in marketing to pursue her creative passion and so came the blog Lisa Eats World.


Blog: https://lisaeatsworld.com/

Recipe: https://lisaeatsworld.com/2019/11/rosewater-and-pistachio-vanilla-buttercake/

NSW – Not Quite Nigella


Lorraine Elliot’s blog was born after her book ‘Not Quite Nigella’ was published by Penguin Books. Now the name of her blog, Not Quite Nigella features and range of multicultural recipes that are influenced by her home in Sydney. Lorraine has particularly taken a liking to Japanese, Indian, Pakistani and Sri Lankan food inspired by the places she travels, however, whether it be fine dining or street food – she has no preference!


Blog: https://www.notquitenigella.com/

 Recipe: https://www.notquitenigella.com/2020/07/08/mulligatawny-soup/

NT – Darwin Natropathics


Why naturopathy you may ask? Bonnie and Kate are the two talented ladies behind Darwin Natropathics – an all-encompassing hub for Naturopathic Services, Recipes and Webinars. They believe that “Naturopathy recognizes the important role that lifestyle, environment, nutrition and personal history plays in the health of all people,” which stresses the importance of a natural and holistic healing approach. Both ladies are qualified Naturopaths, but Bonnie is also a qualified pilates instructor while Kate has experience in fitness and weight loss training. Recipes featured on their page include breakfast, mains, drinks and more.


Blog: https://www.darwinnaturopathics.com/

Recipe: https://www.darwinnaturopathics.com/copy-of-acia-bowl

JAX Tyres for Ponderings

TAS –  Olive’s Kitchen


Olive’s Kitchen derived its name from Olive’s Cottage – a beautiful property which is available to rent in Tasmania. The main writer of the food blog is Robin, who discovered his love of food and cooking from watching his parents cook when he was younger. His parents had a vegetable garden on their property and were very big on fresh produce. Robin and his family will visit the cottage in Tasmania numerous times each year and host barbeques with around other couples where each is invited to bring a dish.


Blog: http://cicadabay.com/oliveskitchen




WA – Sugar Salt Magic

Self-taught cook Marie is the lady behind the blog Sugar Salt Magic. Her favourite things to bake are sweets and she thrives on baking foods from scratch, however, when it comes to a savoury meal – comfort food that is easily shareable is her specialty. Marie takes a serious interest in knowing exactly what ingredients are going into the foods she is preparing for her friends and family. The ‘share meals’ on Sugar Salt Magic are ideal for entertaining.


Recipe: https://www.sugarsaltmagic.com/smores-mug-cake-recipe/

SA – It’s Not Complicated


Alex is the creative mind behind It’s Not Complicated. She left her jobs in the real estate and the airline industry to become a full-time blogger and now spends her days writing about food and growing her collection of cookbooks! Family and friends had always asked Alex how she made the food she set on the table, she always found herself saying ‘It’s Not Complicated,’ so it was a no brainer that this would be the name of her little corner of the internet filled with her passion for food. Alex partook in cooking classes with her mum as a child and this tradition has continued into adulthood. The recipes Alex features not only are easy to make but also utilise foods which you will find at your local supermarket and don’t need to go to multiple stops for.


Blog: https://itsnotcomplicatedrecipes.com/



QLD – Create Bake Make


Lauren is the gal behind Create Bake Make and she is ‘Baking [her] way through motherhood’. Starting the blog whilst looking after her newborn and 16 month old, Lauren’s passion came to life, featuring recipes that can use the assistance of the little ones. Her recipes include easy dinners, slices, lunchbox ideas and an array of Thermomix recipes.


Blog: www.createbakemake.com

Recipe: https://createbakemake.com/party-food-homemade-sausage-rolls/.


Now I don’t know about you but I will be spending some time on my self-improvement to master these recipes for my next Dinner Party!


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