Pina Di Donato’s has emerged to the self-help arena with her newly released book Who Switched the Lights On?

Self-described; it is a companion guide for the person ready to have an illuminated life.

The 158-page paperback is easy to read, down to earth, humble and give’s a first person account of the author’s journey after reaching 40; living more consciously and mindfully.

Anecdotal, the conversational tone makes it a breeze to read; like a warm chat between friends, a rarity for many self-help books.

Themes of friendships, leadership, life, children, along with timing and entanglement feature throughout and it felt like a beginners guide when you start to get that itch that says life might need some attention and some cleaning out of the metaphoric cobwebs.

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“Who Switched the Lights On? is essentially a book about life; my life. More than a self-help book, it is a journey over time which highlights my growth and the things I was able to learn, or unlearn, along the way. It is my hope, that by coming along with me as I adjust to the light, clear out the cobwebs, and work through my process of ‘un-conditioning’, that you too will be inspired to shine a light on your own life and adjust the brightness until it’s just perfect for you” says Di Donato on her website. 

The lens of the author is transparent and poised, wordsmithed with pleasing honesty and the hum of authenticity. 

About the Author

Pina Di Donato is an avid philanthropist, business person, highly experienced marketing professional and author. Pina lives in Melbourne, Australia, with her three children.–pina-di-donato/book/9780648792741.html

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