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This recipe has been in my family for a very long time, and I am probably going to get into strife for sharing it. Whenever one of us whips this out; those indulging will remark in wonder. Well, in the sake of goodwill and sharing here is our scones recipe with three ingredients. Super fluffy scones you can whip up quickly, and they are delicious. 

We even found a video for you to follow on Youtube, so scroll down to watch. Not such a secret, after all! 

I have included my favourite flour Lighthouse Flour from Freemantle Western Australia; they’ve been around since 1865, and I think they deserve an Australian made plug. 


2 x cups Lighthouse Cake, Sponge and Steamed Bun Self Raising Flour 

1/2 cup sparkling Mineral water, or lemonade (depending on your sugar preferences) 

1/2 cup full cream 

Tip for a bit extra I put in a scrape of vanilla bean. 

  • Mixing Bowl
  • Wooden Spoon
  • Preheated oven 180 degreed Celcius
  • Baking tray lined with baking paper. 

The Great Gatsby by Scott f Fitzgerald available here. 


Sift your flour three times, from a cup to a bowl and back through to add loads of air to the flour. 

Make a well in the centre, and add each wet ingredient. Gently fold the mixture (the key is to mix, but not overwork the dough) 

Use some flour to dust a clean bench or cutting board. 

Place your dough on the board and gently mould into a long flat roll shape, about 1.4 to 2 inches thick. 

With a knife, cut into equal sections. Using your hand, mold each scone into a square-ish shape. 

Put a dollop of cream into a small mixing bowl or cup, add a teaspoon of water and stir. Now use a pastry brush to lightly coat each scone with this mix, to moisten the top. This will give them a beautiful light golden brown finish, 

Place on your lined tray into the preheated oven. Give them around 10 mins but keep an eye on them. A nice dry skewer will tell you they are ready; they should be nice and golden. 

Tip: I cook mine in a wood-fired pizza oven on Saturday nights, and they are next level 

15 minutes 

Makes 6 x scones

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