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The Healthy Happy Guide to Self Care by Kim Morrison Twenty8

The Healthy Happy Guide To Self Care by Wellness Sensation Kim Morrison

When one sits down to write a description about Australian superstar Kim Morrison sticking to a word count can be tricky. It’s not about waxing lyrical, the woman is quite seriously next level authentically inspiring. The gorgeous health & lifestyle expert is a...
Tolkien, Journalism and Dante

Tolkien, Journalism and Dante

Ponderers, please focus your eyes on this wonderful creature- an award winning social commentator, journalist  for the Courier Mail, author, academic and columnist PLUS she reads Ponderings which makes her a fave, she is the gorgeous Dr. Karen Brooks. Some of you may...

Karen Brooks




The Ponderings GUIDE to Shopping Awesomeness

We come across some pretty groovy things in the Digital Space, with a love of Pop Culture, and Weird Stuff –

we hope you enjoy checking out this month’s cool finds.

Little Shape Changer Blog Ponderings Australia

The Case of The Exploding Brain

Would you like an after dinner mint with your Taboo topic?

Reggie and Jo Munro Ponderings Magazine

Savvy Duo Shine Bright

Channel Nine Superstar Jo Munro and powerhouse Marketing expert Regina Pascuzzi are joining forces in an exciting new enterprise in 2018. The dynamic duo are set to transform the lives of people as they enter the media industry. Ponderings got to hang out and palaver...
Fr Rod Bower Ponder Kindness on Church Board

Ponder Kindness Part Two

There is nothing I like more than meeting a person who surprises you with a character that is refreshing and far from mundane. This interview with Fr. Rod has created a joyful series of conversations that spark the mind. The most refreshing facet of this man and his...

Zen of the Hidden Sock

What a surreal week this has been. The messages we have received have been like messages-in-a-bottle of poignant hope and prayers bumping pleasantly into our little safe raft in a crazy ocean whipping us around like crazy.  I have slept and meditated a lot, it...

Yup we have a diagnosis…she’s nuts

I looked to the right and in that second my eight year old’s blue eyes caught mine. They lit up when they glimpsed me, and its a calm magic. It sounds so corny but in that moment I am certain a little silver thread of love like an umbilical chord came from his heart to mine.

Young Wordsmith

This incredible young freestyle poet happened upon our radar a few weeks ago, and the moment I read these poignant lines I put in my request. Australia I would like to introduce you to the words of our Young Wordsmith of the Month Lilli O'Driscoll. Only 14 years of...

You can’t see if your ears aren’t open

I have not written here in a while. The reason for this is transparency. As a friend reminded me the other day; this blog is about truth. I could not write the way I write and be truthful, light-hearted or anything really. I needed to come to a place where I was...
by Kirsten Macdonald Ponderings Magazine Australia

You Are Not My Guru

Now what? You don’t want to get preachy, you don’t want to tell anyone to suck anything, let alone an egg and yet here the burden of the truth sits in your lap. Quite heavy.

Wherefore Art Thou Jana?

1987 was the year of Dirty Dancing, Lost boys and Nightmare on Elm Street, it was the year Robin Williams screamed Good Morning Vietnam and the term bunny boiler was coined from Fatal Attraction. 87 was the year Ben Mendelson debuted in The Year my Voice Broke and...

Weetbix & Farting Rainbows

Farting Rainbows or K Cup Friendships…it’s all in the judgement…

Want to Build Treehouse?

I may have mentioned to you before that I had this thing for the Magic Faraway Tree as a kid that verged on madness. I climbed a tree in our street, nailed some pieces of wood to make a ladder and seat in it and charged every kid within a 2 km radius 20c to climb the...

Valentines Schmeletines Day

Schmelentines Day – Valentines day tomorrow, big whoopsy doo. I’m not bitter, nope not me. Did you know I NEVER got one Valentines day card in Highschool? Not even a note. I had one particular friend who’s Dad nearly had to bring a bloody trailer after school to pick...

Tyler Durdon and Jingle Bells

Christmas was lovely, truly quiet, memorable and overwhelming. I was very very pleased and grateful to be with my family this Christmas. Honestly how lame does that sound? Pleased and Grateful, biggest understatement of the year. It was so huge in my heart I thought...

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