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HELP! There’s a Meteor in My Garden. 

I watched a dandelion yesterday as I sat in the garden, all its small fluffy seeds floated away in the wind. 

I watched it until I could see it no more. Such a simple act induced a feeling of calm, of wonder, and my inner child was content. Wondering where each of those small seeds might fly to, would they land on the windshield of a car? Perhaps they may drift onto the hand of an elderly man out for his morning sun? They may get sniffed up my nose so quickly I sneeze and put so much pressure on my lower intestine I fart…God only knows… 

The uncertainty is real.  There are many things in life we have no control over. including flaming meteors smashing down into my back garden…


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Sally Wilson – Holistics 

A former international opera singer, Sally certainly knows a thing or two about stress. Now she helps people discover joy, freedom and fulfilment.

Featured Author

Wendy Searle – Home Truths

Journalist and insanely talented mind behind Hometruths on PodcastOne, Wendy is the storyteller who can hold the space and listen…

Featured Author

Kate O’Donnell – Planet Spectrum

Teacher, mother and writer along with advocate for Autism, Kate is a favourite with Ponderers. An award winning author Kate is on a mission and it’s insightful…

Featured Author

Karen Brooks – Author

Journalist, Award Winning Fiction Novellist and storyteller, Karen Brooks is an Australian beloved treasure. When she isn’t writing romantic stories about faraway lands or dystopian journeys she is a social commentator with punch. From the Authory of Hobart…

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As someone who is fortunate enough to make a living from writing I often get asked what my writing process is like and what inspires me. All the crazy, terrible, unjust and cruel as well as loving, heroic, brave and foolish things we do – to each other and ourselves – in the past and now…there’s a start.

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