Good things can come from the most unpredictable events in life. 

When I was very sick, there was an awful lot of information to keep. Notes, appointments, reminders, a health list was needed so I could keep a record of progress, symptoms and feelings, how much water I had consumed, the exercise completed and the food I had eaten were all important components. Along with the most essential; a long term investment in Gratitude.

This daily list of all ways I could find Gratitude- I called it my Vitamin G. Because when the world feels like it is falling apart, you remind yourself of all the things you can do, the people you love or who love you and even the food you may eat can be graciously accepted as gifts. Eventually the body believes the mind and wonderful things happen. 

I needed something without dates so that I could enter my own. Structure without pressure can be excellent, it makes goal setting an invitation rather than a Have To or Should.

 We are very excited to present our joy project this year- The Ponderings Companion journal.

Beautifully illustrated with vintage Japanese silk art from the 1800s and printed on gorgeous quality 110 gsm paper this jopurnal had to be something we could be really proud of and want to use every day.  OF COURSE we had to ensure it was Australian made and printed. We cannot wait for you to hold this in your hand and heart.

The invitation on each page says- Today Is A New Day Full of Possibility reminds us to start fresh because opportunities for a full life exist everywhere. Proceeds of the Journal go towards keeping the Ponderings storytelling mission alive and well in very troubling times, we forge forward with new ideas and ways to keep up the good work. 


Click here to get your copy; SHOP ONLINE LINK

Ponderings Journal 2021
Ponderings Journal 2021
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