Romance to survive Covid, thanks to a novel Valentine’s Day gift from an Adelaide Fringe artist and Love Letter Enthusiast.

When dating options took a hit during the height of Covid-19 social distancing restrictions, Adelaide Fringe artist, Phi Theodoros, put down her ukulele and turned to her pen to keep the romance alive with her partner through the art of the love letter. 

“Lock down was a real catalyst for people to slow down so it was a nice return to handwritten love letters when my partner had to move back to Brisbane in late March. Through the nostalgic thrill of sending them and the anticipation of a reply, I became aware of how this simple joy had been lost in the pre-Covid times of busy nights out and fast-typed words in Messenger,” says Phi.

“This is why I decided to do something to help others rekindle passion and encourage new ways to express their affection for their significant others or others-to-be.”

“For everybody who buys tickets to my Adelaide Fringe show, Ukulele Dream Girl – Love at a Distance, before Valentine’s Day, I invite them to contact me directly so I can offer a little, personal serenade to them and their beloved during one of my shows,” she says.

Ukulele Dream Girl – Love at a Distance uses song and storytelling to explore different perspectives of distant love. More relatable now than ever while we strive to maintain genuine human connections with loved ones in the world of instagram, facebook and social distancing.

It covers Phi’s long distance love story alongside Tinder Casanovas, high school stalkers, mental health and migration. This poetic journey is more than your typical love story.

To celebrate love during Valentine’s Day, Phi is offering a personal serenade to couples who pre- purchase a ticket before Feb 14th. To find out more, romantics are asked to message Ukulele Dream Girl directly via Facebook or sign up to her mailing list to receive an exclusive discount code.

The Lark at Gluttony – Rymill Park

East Terrace, Adelaide SA 5000

20, 21 and 26th of February at 5pm

5, 6, 7, 8 of March at 5pm

Tickets – Full Price $25, Concession $20

Show Dates & Venues:

Laneway Garden Stage at Mixed Creative

20, 27th of February at 8pm

28 of February at 7pm

Tickets – Full Price $25, Concession $20

Tickets available via:

Email Phi via or 0401 517 082 for enquiries relating to

interviews, group bookings, media/reviewer comps or accessibility enquiries

Thanks to the Department of Premier and Cabinet through Arts South Australia and Adelaide Fringe.


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