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“Now I’ve got one word to say to you… ” 


There is a bit of Kath and Kim in all of us, and the iconic Aussie comedy series has fans all over the world even though it is uniquely Australian. 


Watching it is like putting on your favourite pair of ugg boots that are comfortable and familiar. And nearly 20 years after it was first released, the foxy morons from Fountain Lakes are still as popular as ever. So what is the secret behind the lasting success of Kath and Kim?


Kath and Kim follow the life of the always well presented and accessorised Kath, her only daughter, the slovenly Kim, their husbands Kel (Glenn Robbins) and Brett (Peter Rowsthorn) and Kim’s second-best friend Sharon (Magda Szubanski).


Created by Gina Riley and Jane Turner; the characters of Kath and Kim blossomed from the mid-90s in the comedy series Big Girls’ Blouse. 


The Head of Drama at the ABC in the early 2000s championed the idea of a full series, giving the show the unique distinction of being a comedy produced by the drama department. It lasted four seasons, with a telemovie and a feature film before being rested by Riley and Turner in 2012. 


Kath and Kim, along with Kel, Brett and Sharon have the unique capability of being loved by the people they are parodying. There is somebody in all of our lives who is just like them, or perhaps we can see a bit of the characters in ourselves. It’s unique Australian humour with references to the day to day life that we are all familiar with. But Kath and Kim also have International appeal with some big names making guest appearances including Kylie Minogue, Matt Lucas, Barry Humphries, Geoffrey Rush and Michael Buble. It also produced a short-lived American spinoff starring Selma Blair and Molly Shannon in 2008; cancelled after only one season. 

So, just how does Kath and Kim stand the test of time?


 I asked the question to over 60,000 members of the Facebook group ‘Da Kath and Kim Appreciation Society’ and received many interesting answers. 


The common theme? 


The show is familiar, funny and comfortable. 


It feels like you are visiting old friends every time you watch it. 


For me, whenever I watch it, I am instantly transported back to my childhood in the 2000s. 


And of course, the hilarious phrases and words that they use. 


Kath and Kim have inspired many quotes that have become a part of everyday Aussie vocabulary.


My top 5 favourite quotes:


“Does it make me a crim to keep myself trim?” – Kath


“I’m not criticizing you mum. I’m just saying you look bad.” – Kim


“No kiss. No coach.” – Brain (played by Tony Rickards)


“Things to see, people to do.” – Gary Poole (played by Mick Molloy)


“It’s noice. It’s different. It’s unusual.” – Kath and Kim


Kath and Kim is currently streaming on Netflix. If you are a BIG FAN and want to test your knowledge; check out the quiz from their website- https://kathandkim.com/kath-kim-quiz/







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