A new Medical Clinic launching this month will be a breath of fresh air for women. It could not come at a better time as our country battles the current health stumbling blocks of COVID. 

The initiative, delivered by Australian Skin Face Body is headed by Dr Renuka Balasubramaniam. The holistic approach this female-focused provider offers is radically different from the health standard, with consultations lasting a full hour as opposed to just minutes and health plans being created based on individual needs instead of generalized categories. 

12.8 million women in Australia make up just over 50 percent of the Australian population and almost half the Australian workforce. Based on the Australian Health Survey, -only 1 in 4 (26%)women had spoken to their GP about their emotional and psychological health. The National Health Survey shows that 1 in 2 Australian females have one or more of the ten selected common chronic conditions. A disturbing presentation of information. These chronic conditions including arthritis, asthma, back problems, cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, heart, stroke and vascular disease, chronic kidney disease, osteoporosis and mental health conditions.

Over the years in general practice, Dr Balasubramaniam found that she attracted female patients and this focussed on everything from internal medicine, mental health to hormone disruptions encompassing all phases of life. The common theme ushered in the genius idea for a women-focused clinic with an extended time frame. 

“So often, time constraints, or interruptions, and general practice appointments prohibits women the space needed to discuss at length medical things perhaps they may feel embarrassed about. We want to help them hold their ground without being interrupted, be open about what is bothering them without being judged. We look at all facets, and then we make a management plan and activate this right away. We look at day-to-day living, lifestyle, work, personal life, relationships, holistically means covering all different aspects; including primary medical care. Integrating treatment is important, so there is a seamless approach to healthcare,” says Renuka. 


There is no time wasting either! “There’s a lot of homework; when women make an appointment, our team will email them through a thorough questionnaire. This is because I want these appointments to be targeted, not wasting time. I want to get that historical health picture to really hone in and develop some areas for targeting and management, and utilize the amazing up to date tech facilities at ASFB to meet health care needs and goals,” says the passionate physician. 

So what happens in this hour of power? 

Dr Balasubramaniam explains; 

“There is intensive health goal mapping. Why are they coming to see me? What needs to be done, what has been done in the past? For many women, they may have had a health concern and have not been happy with the management plan in place, or perhaps it was not resolved, or they have sat on a problem and not had expectations met, or perhaps they have had a negative experience.” 

I love every component of medicine; during my time in my degree, I moved around a lot, met many patients, and worked with some wonderful colleagues. Whilst I know not all health concerns can be fixed immediately, I really enjoy helping women, and it’s fulfilling to see them again and hear about their improvements. Empowering women back into good health and practice is important to me. 


“We work as a team to reach a common goal. But, ultimately, they are the boss; I am working for them to help them achieve better quality and healthier lifestyle. They need to take control of their health. I am there to help them do this!” 

How do I make an appointment?

The women’s health clinic is a private service, the reception team at ASFB can provide fee information upon booking your initial appointment or making an enquiry. Medicare rebates are available.

No referral is necessary to see Dr Renuka.

You can book a Women’s Health and Wellbeing session with Dr Renuka by calling 1300 502 732

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