From Mornington to Selfridges; The Turmeric Empire Story

For one Aussie trio, a gap in their cafe menu offering presented an opportunity and infused a story with international success. 

Renwick Watts and his wife Tahli along with sister in law Sage Lamont are the team behind Golden Grind and Ponderings wanted to spill the latte on the journey from beloved ingredient to luxe bougie brand. 

Turmeric; the yellow spice tantalising tastebuds and tuning in our growing love for tasty concoctions has an ancient history. With origins in Vedic culture dating back nearly 4000 years in India, Turmeric is used as a culinary spice and as a medicinal herb. Spruiked by many in the natural health sphere, Curcuma Longa has also enjoyed historical religious significance. We can vouch for that!

Image by Marina Pershina from Pixabay for Ponderings Magazine

From the decadent Miracle Turmeric Face Mask to a beyond delicious latte blend what is not to love about this brand based on passion, ethics and quality of health? Did we mention the golden spoon? It’s no surprise the Aussie superfood ended up on Selfridges London shelves. 


Voted Australia’s number one health product by retailers and nominated as Winning “Best Beverage 2017” Ponderers welcome to the story of Golden Grind

We ponder with Renwick Watts: 

How did you begin your business? 


Turmeric has been a staple in my diet from a young age. My Father originated from the West Indies, where he used Turmeric in lots of his cooking. Furthermore, my wife and Co-Founder has completed a bachelor of Dietetics and Nutrition and had heard of the benefits of Turmeric and so together, we decided to introduce the turmeric ‘Golden Latte’ to our menu at our family-run cafe. It was a huge success, and the business grew from there. 


We noticed that the Golden latte was getting really popular in the cafe. Hence, I jumped online to see if we could buy the mix bulk/premade, and there was nothing on the internet. We also had customers, and cafe’s wanting the mix, so we decided to blend in house and start supplying. But really, we were driven by the motivation to help ease inflammation for sufferers using this wonder spice!


Image by silviarita from Pixabay for POnderings Magazine

Why are you so passionate about your product, this clearly isn’t just a clever idea, you really love this! 


This is my favourite question. I love seeing our products help people with genuine conditions. We get a lot of testimonials whether it’s our supplements helping with joint pain to our skincare helping with acne. I get such a buzz from that. 


Have you got a core mission or focus? 


To help prevent illness. We want to help people before they get sick so by educating them on the benefits of Eastern medicine. 


What have been the highlights of running a business? 


Seeing Golden Grind on the Selfridges London shelves has been a big highlight.  


What have been some of the lowlights? 


We have worked with some great people along the way. We have been passionate advocates for supporting local and disadvantaged people. A partnership with a disability centre doing all our packing was recently shut down, and this has been really hard for the GG team to see. 


Image by flockine from Pixabay

Any great lessons? 


Stay true to yourself and don’t give up. It’s bloody hard work. 


What makes your product so different from what else is out there? 


The efficacy of our product. We have spent years researching and sourcing the best we can find and made products that work. 


What are the main benefits of it and unusual aspects? 


At the moment, it is reducing inflammation. Inflammation is the leading factor for disease globally. There are over 50 different types of Turmeric your typical shelf turmeric won’t be as potent as ours. 


If you could achieve one incredible goal in 2020, what would it be? 


We have some really exciting NPD coming soon. I wish I could tell you more. Stay tuned…


What would you like people to know about your products they might not know? 


The integrity of our products is the core focus to Golden Grind from a sustainable, organic, and quality front. We pride ourselves on delivering the best to deliver results. 


Treehouse or Cubbyhouse?


I couldn’t go past a treehouse. It’s already bringing back such fond childhood memories. Plus I loved climbing.


Enjoy. Be Bliss. Be present. Be Golden #iamgold


Editor’s Note: This was not a paid affiliation, we heard about GG and had to try some, we were so in love we needed to know more about the story and it turns out it was pretty inspiring.  We got our hands on some more for our June Competition EXCLUSIVE to Ponderings Subscribers. 

Click the link to find out more about Golden Grind 

Ponderings images of Golden Grind
Ponderings images of Golden Grind
Ponderings images of Golden Grind

Written by Kirsten Macdonald

Award winning fitness champion and campaigner for those who want to be the best version of themselves.
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