Meet Craig Hollywood, a valued member of the Australian social impact landscape and award-winning speaker.

He’s a visionary who believes in the power of simple conversations to make a difference in people’s lives. As founder of Short Back & Sidewalks, Craig provides free haircuts and conversations to Australia’s most vulnerable populations, breaking down stigmas and creating positive change. 

Craig’s mission to help the at-risk stems from a personal loss and his drive to inspire the next generation of givers. With an open heart, humble leadership, and determination for inclusivity. It’s one thing to have empathy, but to take serious action and create changes is a whole other level. 


With a vision to make a difference, the engineer took the leap and presented a groundbreaking idea to the team at Westons Barbershop in Perth in 2015. He proposed offering free haircuts to those in need, a concept he coined “Short Back & Sidewalks.” Little did he know that this small spark of kindness would ignite a fire that would spread across the nation, growing stronger and more impactful with each passing day.

Today, Short Back & Sidewalks stands as a shining example of the power of community and compassion, with a network of hundreds of volunteers dedicating their time and skills to bring dignity and hope to those in need.


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If you could use only three words to sum up 2022, what would it be?


Transformative, challenging, influential.


What is the greatest lesson you will take into 2023?


To focus and spend time on the things that really matter.


What is your focus for the new year?


Activating Federal funding support given to Short Back & Sidewalks and working on a partnership with global hair movement Evo will ensure we create an even larger positive social impact across Australia.


Who is the most inspiring human you have met this year?


Leanne Liddle, Director Aboriginal Justice Unit: Department of the Attorney-General and Justice. South Australia’s first Aboriginal policewoman and driving force behind the Northern Territory Aboriginal Justice Agreement, along with Northern Territory Australian Of The Year 2022! 


Any exciting plans for the new year?


My partner and I are hopefully having a baby *crosses fingers & toes*


Family and friendship are: something a lot of people take for granted. The support of family and friends is integral to the well-being of us all.


Craig Hollywood Ponderings Magazine Article

Community is: offering a hand of support to the people who need it most.


Would you like to support Short Back & Sidewalks?


Call To Arms – Do you want to wear your values?

Short Back & Sidewalks have a brand-new t-shirt available to purchase.


The purchase of one t-shirt provides free haircuts to two people in need.

100% of funds raised from the sale of this t-shirt go back into helping us achieve our mission: creating positive connections and visibility for some of our most vulnerable and marginalized community members.


Order yours today >

Join Ponderings and our Inspiring Humans for 2023. The series showcases the stories of those who have dedicated themselves to creating change and leaving a lasting legacy. Follow along and be inspired, as we celebrate the power of the human spirit.


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