So just what is the Ponderings Happiness Tested Shopping Guide? 

To pass the Happiness Test, our recommended products must pass some stringent testing. It must spark joy, be ethical and also if it is Australian Made – it gets a big tick. We buy the products (we are not paid or given anything – a firm rule.) True endorsement, no strings attached. If it doesn’t tick those boxes, it doesn’t get featured. 

We like to know the story behind the products and the quality must be HIGH! As a fourth generation business owner, and a candle company owner in my previous life I understand the importance of Australian small business economy. It’s the kind of inspiring stuff that creates BIG business when supported.

So here we are! This month we have some beautiful products. 

  • This find was an absolute joy – Seed and Sprout

    Sophie Kovic has the inspiring business Seed and Sprout, an enviro dream of home goodies. We went for the dishsoap, rubbish bags, scourers and dishcloths.
    The packaging is sustainable luxe and as for the products? These will be ongoing household purchases.

    The dishsoap comes in large tablet style and just keep going, no suds as this is really friendly and yet glassware come out like it had gone through a sparkling dishwasher.

    Coconut husk scourers, these fall apart slightly but don’t be fooled they just keep going and are very effective. Not only do they work beautifully but they are great to go straight in the compost afterwards. Biodegradable, ethically sourced.

    Dishcloths- these are like any high quality supermarket brand however once finished you put them in your compost! You can use these knowing you wont be contributing to tonnes of toxic plastic waste produced each year in Australia!

    The rubbish bags that aren’t plastic- now this was cool. Biodegradable, plant based rubbish bags, please, thank you and yes.

    We have never purchased cleaning products and got excited. Something very aesthetic and geting back to nature about this goodies. A big tick from Ponderings.

Seed and Sprout Pondeirngs

Willow and Sea is the beautiful brainchild of Teaghan Barnard.

If you love the ocean and enjoy functional art, you will as impressed as we were.

From bowls to coasters, serving trays (our fave) and chopping boards Willow and Sea is the perfect addition to your table as a feature or a beautiful gift for someone.

“When she is not creating, you will find her exploring the Otway National Park, soaking up the sun along the Great Ocean Road or planning her next overseas adventure. All of which you will find are expressed through her art.”

  • The Beach People

    Up-cycled denim styled towels and a beach boho fantasy. We saw the Instagram feed and were in heaven. Sisters Emma Henderson and Victoria Beattie invented the Round Beach Towel and the rest is history. Beautiful beach inspired brand with ethically sourced materials.

    From duvets to picnic baskets, this is the stuff of Summertime daydreams.

    The fabric of this towel bundle is soft, absorbs well and you want to wear it not use it. Pure decadence. Functional and cool. Most definitely got the happiness tick of approval.

    If you can’t get to Byron, bring a little bit of Byron to you.

JAX Tyres for Ponderings

Robert Gordon

This month we tried their new candle range.

100% Australian Made Candle, made with a natural soy wax, in beautiful hand painted Australian Made Canvas Latte vessels. The tote bag was a gorgeous touch and this blend of ripe fig and passionflower, pathchouli and bergamot was beautiful. Coming from an ex-candle maker, this blend did not disappoint and is one of the nicest I have tried.

The best part? Once you are finished you have a mug x

‘Around thirty years ago, Robert ‘Andy’ Gordon walked into a ten by eight foot tin shed, picked up a lump of clay and turned his potter’s wheel. The ‘Pack Track Pottery’ was born. But the story and inspiration for Robert Gordon dates long before 1979 and a rickety home made studio.

Andy’s mother, the renowned Australian potter June Dyson, set up her studios in 1945. June formed a formidable partnership with her husband Colin who became the company’s business director. It was June’s second son Andy, who showed most interest in ceramics, helping out in the studio from his early twenties.


    I first discovered this brand whilst holidaying in Byron Bay, a die hard makeup wearer I often find many natural foundations and concealers too light and not long lasting enough. Until now. The lightness and coverage is inriguing, gentle and dewy. I also purchased the powder finish for a longer wear all day.

    A convert, this brand is outstanding. The products are good for your skin, long lasting and more than a few comments from others and I have shouted its fabulousity from the rooftops. Slightly on the higher price scale, a little goes a very long way. So per unit works out the same as any other chemist brand.

    INIKA Organic is 100% Australian owned, 100% plant based and 100% animal cruelty free, this has a tick of approval.

  • Ok so its pretty obvious why this hit the attention button! Sleep pillow, filled with glorius herbs and essential oils ready to pop under your pillow.

    Hello friend! These come in a range of heat packs as well as bath tea bags and the packaging is beautiful. Made in Geelong, Botanical Wellness goodies are available to purchase through Whole Body Health and Wellness, Ocean Grove and Geelong.


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Written by Kirsten Macdonald

Award winning fitness champion and campaigner for those who want to be the best version of themselves.

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