Having children often presents many changes in life, there is a whole new chapter in your personal story that reveals itself in many ways. But for one Australian mother, it brought a compelling journey into fitness and success beyond belief.

From the footpaths of her hometown Kyabram to the advertising banners on the side of Melbourne City Trams as the poster girl for fitness, Liz Sefton has achieved what I see as inspirational and motivating. These words can get thrown around a lot in the world, however, for this powerhouse Kyabramite, they are the perfect fit. The Ultra-marathon runner and passionate health advocate has a passion for helping those in her community in a way that echoes enthusiasm to everyone who knows her. It is Ponderings pleasure to present Liz’ story, as we know it will inspire you too. Why? Well, put quite simply- she’s a bloody legend.

"Six years ago, not long after having my second
child, I was ready for a change. Initially, my goal was all about being skinny, being able to look good in a pair of jeans and feel comfortable enough to wear a bikini."

This prompted me to join a popular 12-week online transformation program. This was the start of my journey, with my initial goal evolving to be more purposeful and giving me the platform to achieve things I never thought possible in my life journey. I could now reach my own goals and at the same time be an example for others around me.

An interest in running ensued. A walk around our small country town boundary eventually built up to running it. From there my confidence grew enough to enter small fun runs, building up to a half marathon and then running my first marathon as a way to raise funds for my Cerebral Palsy afflicted niece, Amelia. If you had have told me that I would have run a marathon before I turned 40, I would have laughed.

After the run, I took a hiatus of sorts from pounding the pavement and instead concentrated on my journey. It was then that three like-minded ladies came to me with a challenge. A challenge which would not only see me running 250km over six days in the majestic Simpson Desert, but also make me an ultra-marathoner. This idea seemed so crazy that I thought why not? The Big Red Run would challenge me physically, mentally and spiritually but also allow me to raise much-needed funds for Type 1 Diabetes.

You never truly know what you are capable of until you push yourself to the limit. What better way to do this with The Big Red Run, a race with a difference. A combination of the remote location, breathtaking scenery, the people, volunteers, the participants, a challenge of mental and physical strength all contributed to making this adventure an experience of a lifetime.

I look back over the past six years with immense gratitude. The weeklong event of The Big Red Run provided much reflection time on my life journey. I felt total gratitude that I had taken a leap of faith all those years ago.

This path has enabled me to fulfill many goals, as well as being the catalyst for finding my life purpose. I’ve been able to go back to study and pursue my passion in health.

I’ve been able to become a committed fundraiser for various causes which enables me to serve others but has also seen me grow as a person, building my confidence, self-belief and communication skills. I have met amazing new people and made connections that I never thought possible. It is a fantastic feeling to have the community behind you.

It is through surrounding myself with this community that I am empowered continuously to be my best self. I’ve been lucky enough to have found an inspiring mentor in leading aromatherapist, self-care, and environmental health expert Kim Morrison from Twenty8 Essentials. Kim also happens to have set a world record in ultra-marathon running representing Australia! I was instantly captivated by her ethos, charisma, humor, and passion around the importance of self-love, and participated in her health and lifestyle education course.

Twenty8 has been such an integral part of my natural health journey and provided so much education about the power of essential oils, chemical-free living and self-care rituals. But even more so it enables me to belong to a team which supports and lifts one another up by connecting, caring, collaborating and contributing!

For me, it has provided clarity around who I am and what I am capable of. It inspires me to make a difference in the world in my unique way, by encouraging and empowering my children and other women to acknowledge their strengths and inner beauty through the rituals of self-care.

Over the past six years I’ve learned that no matter who you are, or what you are dealing with, you can achieve anything and create change once you start taking action, no matter how small. Give yourself permission! See it, believe it and just do it!”

“Set a goal to achieve something that it is so big, so exhilarating that it excites you and scares you at the same time!” Bob Proctor

Ponderers you can see why I wanted to talk to this champion right? Liz Sefton is a living testament that with a crazy idea, a whole lot of passion and commitment you can achieve just about anything you put your heart into and the rewards are bountiful. Liz is the epitome of the Ponderings ethos- Inspire Reflect Prosper. She is a Qualified Food Coach and Health & Lifestyle Educator supporting clients in making step by step changes to their food and lifestyle so that they can permanently reach their goals.

For more information about Liz, her journey and her pursuit of Natural Health go to: The Nourishing Home Facebook Page

and her Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/lizsefton/

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