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by Jasmine Pedretti

The absolute devastation of losing two loved ones created a ripple in Julia Lorent’s life that would change its course forever.


Julia’s outlook on life changed forever after her mother and fiance passed away due to smoking related illness. Anyone that has experienced the crippling anguish from losing a loved one, knows how close it can come to derailing your life. Instead of letting her grief beat her, Julia decided to channel it into helping others fight their own demons. For the next 2 decades she would leave no stone unturned to find answers in helping people with addiction, with no judgement. For the judgement of others was too harsh a force to be reckoned with. What resulted was a successful career and it continues to grow. 

Julia Lorent Ponderings Magazine

This Melbournite has dedicated every ounce of her energy to helping others live their best life.


Julia is passionate about empowering people to overcome limiting beliefs. This transformative therapist helps patients quit smoking, lose weight, gain control of their eating habits and become self-confident. Essentially, she gives people trapped in an endless cycle of addiction, a chance for a longer, fruitful life by equipping people with the tools to regain control of their health. What drives Julia is the need to prevent others from experiencing the same pain of loss she suffered when losing her mother and partner. Every time Julia helps someone break an addiction and transform their lives, she saves their death from devastating the lives of loved ones.

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Her courage, outstanding achievements and noble qualities has gained Julia the respect as a notable transformational therapist.


From Devastation to Transformation Julia LorentShe is highly regarded all over the world and has been invited to speak at an array of different keynote presentations.

Most notably, Julia has been asked to speak at one of Australia’s newest and exciting transformative events, Hypnobiz. 14th – 15th of March 2020 will see hundreds of the world’s top practitioners come together in one room. The biggest names in the industry have been asked to speak. The celebrated hypnosis conference brings together hundreds of top practitioners to share their best advice and tips for success. Mental health and family therapy professionals that come will learn the latest trends and ways to improve their skills, business and overall net worth. It’s also an excellent opportunity for attendees from diverse backgrounds, to potentially partner together. Hynobiz Australia is the most international and progressive hypnosis conference in the world.

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Looking at Julia’s extensive list of qualifications, it’s no wonder Julia was invited to be part of Hynobiz.

She is the founder and principal practitioner for Melbourne Quit Smoking Clinic, Melbourne Clinic of Hypnotherapy, and The Savvy Changemaker.

She has also been making waves academically. Due to her illustrious reputation, Julia recognizes that she has a platform to bring awareness to matters that demand attention. Her most notable work includes a recent whitepaper that uncovered shocking numbers of harassment towards women in the workplace. The survey highlighted the profound emotional implications this has on women’s mental health and physical safety. Julia is also causing a buzz in the academic world with her belief that addiction is pain. A claim that is grounded on a lifetime of academic investigation and dedication. This new way of looking at addiction could help change the future of addiction diagnosis forever.

To get in touch with Julia, contact her on + 61 412 810 078 or email julia@thesavvychangemaker.com

Visit her site for more information about her services.



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