Why We Love Jane

Words by Jasmin Pedretti

Oscar-winning actress Jane Fonda embodies the fight for justice and comedic brilliance. She’s intellectual, beautiful and uses her platform to make change using action over rhetoric. 

The most recent example is her protest against climate change. While some celebs tweet a pic of melting ice, Jane gets arrested every Friday for taking direct action with the group Oil Change International outside the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C. 

Jane has been drenched in controversy, but no buckets of derision can wash away her shine. She is all about celebrating women, so let’s return the favour. Here are five reasons to love Jane Fonda. 

ONE: Risked her life to protest the Vietnam war. Jane’s voice wasn’t loud enough, so she packed her bags and went to North Vietnam herself to meet the people her country was fighting. Although the problematic anti-aircraft- gun photo often overshadows her bravery, her message was clear: “If they told you the truth, of what your targets really are,” she said, “you wouldn’t fight, you wouldn’t kill. You were not born and brought up by your mothers to be killers. We must all try very, very hard to remain human beings.” Yas kween! 

TWO Was pro-gay rights when it was taboo. Jane didn’t just protest what was popular at the time. She believed in fighting for equality for all people. This interview from 79′ perfectly encapsulates her awesomeness and how she can articulate her opinion calmly in the face of someone trying to patronize the cause. 

THREE Walks the feminist walk, not just the talk. Jane writes a letter about her convoluted journey from advocating the theory but not “living it” internally, to becoming an embodied feminist. Her journey meant leaving her third husband, and “becoming the subject of her own life”. 

FOUR Fights for women’s rights. 

Earlier this year she pressed lawmakers to expand protections for women domestic workers and farm workers. She starred in the Vagina Monologues, cofounded Women’s Media Center and vocally advocated women’s reproductive rights and a movement to end domestic violence. She also made the movie 9 to 5 for working women everywhere, long before the Me Too movement. 

FIVE 82 years old but does whatever the heck she wants. The average 80-year-old lives a quiet, modest life. Not our Jane. She breaks all the “rules” that say older women need to cover up and dress their age. She goes all out in sequins and figure-flattering gowns. She isn’t shy about sex either, even revealing her top sex tips for young women. I mean if you’ve been at it for decades you’re bound to know a thing or two.

Talk about a good role model! Jane is an inspiration to make a practical difference, while also lighting up the screen with her wit and spunk. I can’t get enough. Jane, if you’re reading, between getting arrested and filming Hollywood blockbusters, if you have any spare time for a coffee, hit me up!