Life was changed as we knew it mid-March 2020. COVID- 19 was ravaging the world and had started to encroach on our shores significantly. 

Lockdowns began, and all residents of our country started to realise the seriousness of this viral spread.

Jomara Hair Studio is a boutique salon in the Belmont suburb of Geelong. With a small team of hairstylists and a highly engaged, loyal and trusted clientele. Business surged as pubs, clubs and cafes were closed, and people thought hairdressers would be next. Two weeks of busyness as clients brought their appointments forward. 

The rollercoaster of seeing beauty therapists closed down and hairdressers to stay open but operate with a 30 minute per client restriction unravelled. Hairdressing social pages went crazy while many salons shut their doors and stood down staff. Then the heartbreak for some and relief for others as the restriction was lifted and no time limit applied to visits to the hairdresser.

Amidst this storm, my journey was unfolding as a business owner, and for once, my introvert nature held me in good stead, along with years of personal and business development.


Rather than react to what was happening all around, I observed, listened to what Mr Scott Morrison, our Prime Minister, said and did not say. Rather than be angry that the Government had not shut our industry down, I was grateful. 

I focused my attention on reviewing all our processes to make our salon the safest haven it could be in the face of such an infectious virus. We did experience a sudden decline as clients digested the new world we are currently living in. I listened to what their main concerns were and communicated how we were addressing these issues. Trust held firm, and we have been able to trade through the storm and stay well afloat. Self-doubt was alive and well every day, and my real courage was choosing to back my decisions and quiet the negative ‘monkeys’ in my mind.

We are through the intenseness of going into lockdown, many people are working from home and have more unfilled time than usual. These are perfect conditions for creating your retreat. The offerings online are endless for looking after body, mind and spirit. For those of us still working full time adapt these tips as no added pressure is needed.  

Here are my top tips for looking after your hair at this time.  

  • Take a break from using any heat appliances.

Only style your hair on the days you have video meetings or are going into work. Leave your hair be on your days off; this tip will benefit your hair more than anything else.  

  • Upgrade your haircare

With a small amount of what you would normally spend going out, you could treat yourself with professional salon haircare. A professional hairstylist can prescribe the right product for your needs. Our products are very specific rather than a broad spectrum with more concentrated and higher quality ingredients than the products at the supermarket. Many salons are providing contactless pickup and free delivery. At Jomara we use DeLorenzo Haircare the only wholly Australian made and owned professional haircare range. All following product recommendations are from the DeLorenzo range.


  • Treatments

Superfood for your hair. Treatments come in a wide range from instant leave in such as Instant Restructurant or Hair Moisturiser for those still going out to work. Pre shampoo such as Novaplex 3 or Oil Balance and post shampoo such as Protein Complex and Equilibrium. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for product use. 

  • Hot towel wrap

Take your treatment to the next level. Lightly wet a hand size towel and heat in the microwave for approx. Thirty seconds, (this will vary according to your microwave) carefully remove and check the temperature is right to wrap around your hair. The heat helps to infuse the treatment into the hair.

  • Visit your Hair Salon

Some salons have stayed open and done an excellent job creating safe and calming spaces for you to visit. Others are reopening; again doing all they can to keep everyone safe. You legally can visit your hair salon, and there are no time restrictions on your visit, so full colour and treatment services can be completed. A word of warning, at the time of writing NO beauty services, should be performed in a hair salon so please don’t ask your stylist to do lash or brow tinting or facial waxing and the like and say NO if these are offered to you. Government guidelines apply to those over 70 or those with compromised immunity. Please consider your personal circumstances when deciding whether to visit the salon.


  • Dealing with colour regrowth if visiting the salon is not an option

This is a loaded issue for professional stylists, you will discover who is ethical and who is not, and I will address this best I can. Firstly DeLorenzo colour is for professional use only and having your stylist sell you colour should not be an option.

There are terrific spray/powder/mascara stick products available at some salons, Hair House Warehouse and Priceline that cover regrowth beautifully then wash back out leaving the hair damage-free.


The taboo product ‘supermarket box colour’. 


I know some of you will go there so I will share my limited knowledge as I do not use them but on the flip side my 30 years of colour experience gives me a fair insight into how they work and how you can best use them if you must go there. Your box colour will contain one tube/bottle of tint and a bottle of developer. When you visit with an expert hair colourist, you will notice at least two bowls of colour mixed for your hair.


A stronger mix for regrowth which may need to be lightened or grey covered and a much gentler mix for ends that have already been coloured and just need a refresh. The mix in that box will be on the stronger side and should not be put through all of your hair every time you use it. I would never do that to someone’s hair! So if you must use it, go for as near your natural colour as possible and just apply it to the regrowth you can see not throughout all your hair.


Remember it will be near impossible to get a nice result if you try to go more than two levels lighter than your natural hair. Hair colour is science and art. Find an expert and leave it to them if you can.

I sincerely hope this COVID experience leaves all of us calmer, more caring about what really matters and with beautiful, healthy hair whatever that means for you xox.


About our Ponderer: Mariesa has 30 years experience in the hair & beauty industry. She finds nothing more satisfying than a great conversation blended with time for you to deeply relax, while delivering a great cut and colour helping you look & feel amazing. You can visit at



About our Ponderer

Mariesa has 30 years experience in the hair & beauty industry. She finds nothing more satisfying than a great conversation blended with time for you to deeply relax, while delivering a great cut and colour helping you look & feel amazing.

You can visit at

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