Have you ever wondered what you would say to your 21 year old self looking back on where you’ve been and what you’ve done since then?  

If you had to write a letter now, would you say you should have taken more risks or travelled more; would you suggest saving more money or living more in the moment? Well Postcards from Tomorrow is a collection of letters from 270+ amazing women to their 21 year old selves – and they are telling it like it is!

I am so excited to be part of this project and have my letter published in this collection, which is now in print. Kim Chandler McDonald, the inspirational woman behind the initiative, approached me last year, just before the Australian LGBTI awards ceremony in Sydney, to ask if I’d be interested in writing a letter for the book. I instantly fell in love with the idea; I loved that the funds raised would go to Lou’s Place.

Lou’s Place, which is celebrating 21 years of giving service, is currently the only daytime drop in centre in Sydney, for women in crisis. 

At Lou’s they can access a wide range of professional services and support, for situations that include major issues like homelessness, domestic violence, childhood experiences of abuse and neglect, mental illness and addictions. Sometimes it’s as simple as being a welcoming place where they can enjoy a warm lunch and feel safe to just ‘be’.

Having organisations like Lou’s Place, where there is someone you can reach out to, talk to and who listens is so important. Without refuges, like these where would women in crisis go?  

For all of their 21 years in operation, Lou’s has run totally on donations and one of the many reasons I’m so pleased to be part of the Postcards From Tomorrow project is that all of the proceeds are being donated to Lou’s Place, through their Marmalade Foundation, to help them keep on doing what they’re doing. 


I know you will find these letters thought provoking and inspiring. 

All of the women involved are inspirational in their own right and have the  common bond of wanting to share part of themselves with others – not only impart our thoughts but also share our knowledge and wisdom. Some of the letters are heartbreaking and some absolutely hilarious. No two are alike, but they all share a similar theme: no matter how bad it was… it gets better. This isn’t a collection of letters from victims; it’s not about surviving, it’s all about thriving. #WeGotThis.

So I implore everyone to let curiosity get the better of them and purchase this great book. At the same time as being inspired when you read this book you will also be supporting a great cause. The eBook version will be available from this weekend onwards.

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