Changing and Creating Change

by Ponderings Radio

Changing and Creating Change

Words by Melissa Griffiths

We all want to change something in society; however, often we forget that we must change ourselves first.  

If you look to other people in the world who have created monumental change like Gandhi, you realise that they must have had some inner shift emotionally, mentally and spiritually, which enabled them to succeed. 

As Gandhi rightly said, “We must become the change we want to create” and if you can realise the true meaning of this then you become more powerful than you think you are.

I know from my own experiences over the last few years; you have to work on yourself continually; re-evaluate where you are at and how you are going on your journey in life. You also have to take time out to be yourself, rest the body and recharge your batteries. 



Learning to be comfortable with change and changing yourself is not an easy thing to do sometimes.  

It is essential to understand this. Any pain you go through as you change or when things become uncomfortable, you will realise it is worth it; because you will recognise the result will be a better version of you. 

People like myself creating perception change in society toward transgender people do so in many different ways. I continue to share my story on social media through a variety of ways. Using positive quotes to demonstrate a point I am making or sharings aspect helps. Also by writing in the media or speaking on radio or tv or at an event has enabled my message to educate others about the challenges we face as well as how to respectfully treat transgender people in the workplace whether they are transitioning or already have transitioned. 

Being able to talk at various events such as the National Employment Solutions Conference about transgender from all angles and other associated subject matter like advocacy, bullying, leadership and mental health has enabled me to get a broader understanding of the challenges workplaces and society faces. This helps to stimulate change more positively and respectfully.


I know that anyone who creates change will always encounter some form of resistance. 


However, with resistance, it can, for the most part, be overcome. When people are prepared to listen, they often recognise that it may only be their unconscious bias creating resistance. They realise the change you are advocating for in society and the inclusivity you are building.   Also, be prepared to show how your change will make workplaces or society better, as this will go a long way towards your goals to be successfully implemented.


For tips for employers for a transgender person transitioning in your workplace and to find out more about Melissa you can visit and her podcast