This incredible young freestyle poet happened upon our radar a few weeks ago, and the moment I read these poignant lines I put in my request. Australia I would like to introduce you to the words of our Young Wordsmith of the Month Lilli O’Driscoll.

Only 14 years of age, the young Sydneysider is profoundly authentic and we are really excited to see where her writing journey takes her.


The grip of human sensibilities hold me back,

Etiquette, manners, silence.

They claw at my hair and beg me to cave,

As the exhilarating sights of a new experience are beheld,

In my wide eyes.

I take a step.


A leap.

And dive into

The Unknown.

It’s cold and careless,

But warm and envigorating.

The voices still buzz,

Little gnats that gnaw,

At the path in my vision.

I see the icy disapproval of those who live above,

The open arms of the ones who live below.

And the tourists,

They frolic in puddles,

Afraid to dive,

Afraid to swim,

To drown.

Polite and unnerving,

Silent in their ignorance,

Taking pictures of things that shimmer with the indents of passive eyes,

Of the ones who empty- mindedly,


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