Emotional Intelligence, the human condition, meditation, family, soul searching and belief system, physical and emotional happiness. You have come to the right place Ponderers. Welcome. 

Hey Sis, What’s the Tea? Make Your Own!

All the reasons why you should grow your own tea. Ideal herbs to use and their specific medicinal...

The Anti-Self-Help Books that Are Actually Helpful

Self-help books can be a great source of encouragement, but they can also be idealistic bullshit....

Exercise Myths, Activewear and Do You Want Coffee With That?

Sarah Healy physiologist and columnist unpacks the myths about exercise and gets straight to the...

5 Ways in 5 Days to Detox Mind, Body and Spirit

Life is busy. Busy with burdens and busy with blessings.   While it’s easy to share and shout...

State of Flow Health Through a Balanced Life

  Zhuang Zi from the 3rd century BCE said “We are born because it is time, and we die in...

The Healthy Happy Guide To Self Care by Kim Morrison

When one sits down to write a description about Australian superstar Kim Morrison sticking to a...

The O’Donnell Sisters Guide to Mama’s Survival

How has your day been Mama? Right now, you might have your magnificent offspring on your hip while...

Non-Toxic Mother’s Day Anyone?

by Liz Sefton. With Mother’s Day approaching the retail catalogs are overflowing with perfumes,...

Things That Make You Go OM

As the dusty and crater filled road sweeps around, edged with thick green forest an outcrop of...

The Ponderings GUIDE to Shopping Awesomeness

Road tested by our Ponderers these gifts are sure to spark your joy and make you smile. Check out our Ponderings Gift Guide.

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