Midsummer Hiccups and the FOMO Effect

It is the fixtures and habits that anchor us to normality and keep the fear at bay. Unless you bathe in frequent faith- that stuff is Vanilla to the ice cream. But it is difficult to be soaking in that all the time. Body odor of the lesser faith-filled is stronger than a stale onion. Humanity has that effect.

Inspiration to Outback- a journey

Having children often presents many changes in life, there is a whole new chapter in your personal story that reveals itself in many ways. But for one Australian mother, it brought a compelling journey into fitness and success beyond belief. From the footpaths of her...

Side stepping

The first time I side stepped I was 9 years old in the top of a treehouse that was so high up I could see much of the streets surrounding us, or at least over the fence. I was drowning out the cries coming from inside an angry house and as princess of my dominion in...

Sky Puddles and Cornflakes

The owls are back. It is what started the week off, the gentle Who Who-ing of the owls. Normally I like owls but these owls always turn up just before big ordinary things happen. It might actually also be they turn up to next right on Spring which also seems to be...

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