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This month’s feature for Australian Artist of the Month could not be denied. Why? Because when I heard their song (not a cover- this is their own) I could not get it out of my head for 2 days. Everyone we showed had the same response- their ears and eyes were tuned in and unable to turn away. Ponderers I would like you to meet Geelong band: PHAEDO. Aged 16 years this group of awesome is a “to watch this space” feature. All original lyrics and composition, the youthful edginess finds them discovering the capabilities and their sound. Groovy fledglings with a unique catchiness that we hope will have you humming.

Their video of their latest release Crack You Call a Window can be seen here and can I make a suggestion? Get to Time 3:05 for some brilliant guitar that had us wanting to air it in the Ponderings Office!  We look forward to seeing this incredible young band go places.


We got to chat to PHAEDO and find a bit more…

Name of members and the instruments you play in the band:

Kyle Lock – Lead Guitar, Vocals

Oscar Edginton – Rhythm Guitar

Mitch Collins – Bass Guitar

Holly Perkins – Keyboard

Louise McCarthy – Violin

Dom Bell – Drums

Phaedo – what’s in the name? Very cool, and I am guessing metaphoric? We would love to know more…

Phaedo was taken directly from the book under the same name written by Plato, it’s basically a big metaphor for what we try and get across musically and lyrically. The book is pretty much a discussion on life, death and perceptions influence in all of this to which we really try to question when writing our songs – most of our lyrics are based off poems written by Oscar and then structured by Kyle to fit the compositions, it just adds another layer to our music that most people look over.

If you had to choose Bowie or The Clash, which one and why?

Hmm, Bowie or Clash? We’d have to pick Bowie, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust is one of the greatest albums of all time. He’s an icon in his own right but still manages to let his music stand taller, the king.

What are some Australian musical influencers for you?

Any Australian music that carries an honesty, integrity and authenticity when you hear it is what we love. Australian music is great, especially this new wave of independent music; we are honestly influenced by anyone who is devoted in their direction and isn’t dictated by others – the Melbourne music scene is the best, there are some absolute gems hidden in its live music scene and we try and draw as much inspiration and influence from it. As long as we can see the artist is invested in their music – we are into it.

Your sound is quite unique, do you seeing it staying this way or do you want to grow your genre array?

Thanks, we like to keep it as open-ended as we can when it comes to our sound. Our recent EP was us just dipping our toe in the water, sort of seeing what initial direction we’d like to explore but putting restrictions on things isn’t our thing. Each of us listen to completely different music and we think that really comes across in our music, growing as a band is the only way to go

Best guitarist of all time?

James Marshall Hendrix (1942-1970). May his beautiful soul forever shine brighter than the brightest star in the night sky.

What are your hopes for the future?

Just playing music is enough for us, making sure we have fun every time we play and appreciating the journey rather than the destination. We just want to keep playing as a band and putting our foot in every door we can, the future can bring what it wants to bring; recognizing the present is what we care about.

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What upcoming gigs have you got coming up?

We just finished the Melbourne legs of our little EP launch tour with the Geelong leg at Barwon Club on the 29th of September alongside Auntie Leo and the Backstabbers and Fenn Wilson – which will be good fun to play, especially in the hometown for the first time in too long. Got a little gig on the 22nd of September with some good friends, Noah and George Wilson at Last Chance Rock & Roll Bar which should be a lot of fun as well. After those are done we are thinking about having a little rest from headlines to work on a new album, maybe even two…

Hendrix says he wants you to back him up in a smokey bar in LA, but then the Australia’s Got Talent producers ring you and say they have a spot for you on tonight’s show – which one do you choose?

We’d pick supporting Hendrix any day of the week, in fact, we’d happily play to an empty crown than be associated with the gimmick that is Australia’s Got Talent. Australia’s Got Talent is a poisonous weed that’s growing with affluence in the same ground that artists who hold true to their artistic direction wither and die. The commercialization of icons over the recognition of their music and artistic integrity in the music industry is the biggest problem in contemporary music today. I don’t know if you can tell yet, but we hold a true disdain for that false, fabricated pillar in the music industry – frustration is an understatement. But besides all that, who could say no to backing up Hendrix, let alone in a smokey LA bar? Not us.

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Where did you all meet?

Well, we all knew each other just from gigs, beers and school but at the roots it was Kyle, Mitch and Oscar who used to jam a fair bit at our hub in Batesford about 3 years age where this whole thing was conceived. We poached Dom to come and jam and then gigged as a four piece for around a year until Holly joined just a few months ago and the latest member, Louise, a few weeks ago. We all met by being friends of friends (of friends) and came to all like the idea of exploring a new sound and having fun together – jumping on board the Phaedo train at different times.

Well ponderers, if you get a chance to listen to this incredible young band, you may agree with our ears. We would love you to get behind this dynamic group of original song writers and music makers by following them on Triple J Unearthed HERE. 

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