Emotional Intelligence, the human condition, meditation, family, soul searching and belief systems, physical and emotional balance. You have come to the right place Ponderers. 

Loneliness The Lone Journey Forward

Psychology and Neuroscience Professor at Brigham Young University, Julianne Holt-Lunstad believes we are facing a “loneliness epidemic”.

Angels POndeirngs Magazine

Are Angels For Real? Insights Into The History of Divine Messengers

described as warriors, guardians and God’s link to humankind. They are believed to be a spiritual, heavenly being, superior to humans that act as God’s messenger or a guardian for someone on earth. According to the Bible, angels were created before humans and likely earth itself.

A Nourished Life With Eco Warrior Irene Falcone

When you look up the word motivated, Irene Falcone really needs to be listed. The dynamic business woman has given us a unicorn; a toxic free shopping cart…

Image Jane Fonda

Why We Love Jane

Jane has been drenched in controversy, but no buckets of derision can wash away her shine. She is all about celebrating women, so let’s return the favour. Here are five reasons to love Jane Fonda.

The Power of Listening by Wendy Searle

The Power of Listening

Wendy Searle, journalist and host of podcast Home Truths on PodcastOne talks to us about the power of listening.

Ponderings Karma Article Image

The Concept of Karma

Words by Montanna Macdonald What goes around comes around, but does it really? Where does this ideology come from and have we misused it in our...
Image Clare Bowditch Ponderings Magazine

Delicious Chaos – Interview with Clare Bowditch

On this planet, there appears to be an advanced species dexterously capable of left and right brain agility which is dangerously marvellous. David Attenborough missed the memo.

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