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Secret Messages – What You See Is Not What You Always Get

Does the smile match the eyes? The more discerning we become, the more powerful we are at reading these messages. Welcome to the Mehrabian rule.

Are We Born With Emotional Intelligence?

Are We Born With Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence, how does it form, can it be developed and are we born with it? Kirsty Hunter the golden expert in conflict resolution and driver for emotional growth and wellbeing shares the inside world of emotional intelligence.

Help! There’s a Meteor In My Garden!

The shower of uncertainty – how we cope with life’s surprises and it might involve a dandlion or a the wonder of the inner child, let’s ponder…

DeLorenzo Jomara Hair Studio Ponderings

Six Tips For Salon Hair in ISO

Hot towel wraps, regrowth and that Supermarket super strength stuff we aren’t supposed to talk about, how to keep your locks lush in ISOLATION.

Fractal Patterns, Elsa and Why Exercise In Iso Might Be Better Than You Think

Keeping fit during isolation, it doesn’t have to be boring, Sarah Healy physiologist spills the tea on squats on the scroll and fractal patterns…


Writer, adventurer and social enterprise advocate Barbie Cail gives us inside tips on saving some moula during COVID.

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