Not all those wander are lost and not all those that wonder are found… where have you been to my lovely?

The Wonder of Childosophy

Dr Maxine Therese has spent her life dedicatedto helping children and adults. 

Maxine is the founder and brains behind Childosophy; a recognised modality with a core structure combining energetic science and integrative philosophies of the self to support wellbeing in childhood.

Is There A Dying Cat? No! It’s The Art of Singing

Janelle McMillan OAM is an artist and author living in Hobart, she has a wicked sense of humour, and we welcome her contribution to Ponderings.

From the Brink of Death to Enlightened Harmony – Jin Shin Jyutsu

26-year-old Jiro Murai (born 1886) was left at his family’s cabin in the woods upon his request for a week, to die. He asked them to come and collect his body on the eighth day…

Fractal Patterns, Elsa and Why Exercise In Iso Might Be Better Than You Think

Keeping fit during isolation, it doesn’t have to be boring, Sarah Healy physiologist spills the tea on squats on the scroll and fractal patterns…

Help! There’s a Meteor In My Garden!

The shower of uncertainty – how we cope with life’s surprises and it might involve a dandlion or a the wonder of the inner child, let’s ponder…

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