What does it really mean to be inspired? Is it to be motivated or encouraged? Perhaps it means to be prompted into action when we read about our fellow humans and their moments of bravery, miracles and leaps of faith. The mundane can be profound when you scratch the surface. Welcome Ponderer, prepared to be inspired.

The Tangible Oscillation of Us

Welcome to Spontaneous Self-Organisation, the stuff of physics excitement or the resonating consciousness of a species on the brink of breakthrough? We Ponder…

The Darling World of Mr Darcy

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that everybody swoons over Mr Darcy. We ponder the different cinematic versions of the darling Jane Austen fave…

Thou Dost Protest Too Little

Democracy is a beautiful instrument; however, it can be plucked in ways producing music not kind to our ears, or a little bent. Enter the protestor!

The Bombilating Badinage of Moira Rose

Moira Rose and her brilliant vocabulary light up our screens on award winning show Schitt’s Creek, we discover the delicious definitions of her words.

Image by Snaplet of Maria Theresa de Filippi

Fearless Maria, Formula One Italian Goddess

Defying the odds and challenging the status quo Maria Theresa de Filippi was the first woman to race in Formula One, was the golden girl of Maserati and a racing pioneer.

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