Channel Nine Superstar Jo Munro and powerhouse Marketing expert Regina Pascuzzi are joining forces in an exciting new enterprise in 2018. The dynamic duo are set to transform the lives of people as they enter the media industry. Ponderings got to hang out and palaver with these two and find out what makes them tick and we find out if David Campbell really is the nice guy we see on TV.

As we sit together in the kitsch setting of Novel Kitchen in Williamstown, the friendship between these two women shines through with inside jokes, grins, and full, hearty laughter. They are infectious, and I can’t help but admire their path to this point.

Regina, fondly known to us at Ponderings as Reggie, has had a successful career in marketing and PR back in the day assisting the likes of Tina Turner (she told me an awesome disaster story of lost wigs on an Ansett flight during an Aussie tour), Michael Jackson, Robert Palmer then on to the fashion shows of Melbourne. Reggie is the founder of boutique fashion agency Miss Scarlett Did It. A lingerie fashionista and advocate for the curvy girl Reggie is a wealth of business knowledge.

I know I am in the company of awesome when a 30-minute interview becomes 2 hours of stories shared. It is hard for me to draw breath! Our cafe table has become a lively discussion seasoned with knowing nods.

But it hasn’t all been smooth sailing for Jo and Reggie. A road of turmoil, discovery, and realizations have driven the two to the point of epiphany- integrity, wisdom and experience can be welded together in a way to help others ready to shine.

So what inspires them?

Regina: people who make a difference inspire me. Those that live their truth and are aware that there is a need in the world, then actually DO something about it. Action people, not necessarily the “celebrity” but the ones who are getting in at a grassroots level, often unrecognized but actively and positively impacting the world. PR for example, while it makes for great stories now, was such a long time ago. My career in marketing, communication and as a businesswoman is my “now” and I love it! I meet those grassroots folk that inspire me most.

Jo: People who can see what others do not see inspire me. The ability to see the gaps. When a solution is so simple, and yet it is blindingly obvious that no one has thought of it before is inspiring. Those that think differently inspire me, they see an opportunity that no one else may see, a vision that comes from a different angle!

2017 was a big year for so many people, what did it teach you both and how has that prepared you for 2018?

Reggie: 2017 taught me my worst, so many events happened during the year, and a lot of it was difficult on every level. I discovered I am much stronger than I thought I was. I had to fight for what I believe is right. Thankfully I have some strong-willed and wonderful people in my life that were there for me in that dark time. It was a time when I was questioning my worth in the world. What was I entitled to in life?


Getting to the understanding that there is no obstacle to achieving what you want to. We can be so held back by limits others can place on us, and you can choose to let that disable you, but you are much more capable of achieving whatever it is you want in your life.

2017 was big! Now this year is clearer. I like unicorns and rainbows, but sometimes you have to make a stand for yourself and others to protect what is important, to uphold integrity, this is what I take into 2018.

Here Here.

Jo Munro: The theme that ran through my head- It was the best of times and the worst of times. 2017 presented amazing opportunities, and I also had awful things happen. Both of which occurred in equal amounts, testing me down to the soul.

Those fantastic opportunities make you look like the luckiest woman in the world! Yet the personal fortitude I had to grasp, to step into the land of sink or swim, that never-never place- was a fear to be grappled with. To say to yourself you’ve got this can be scary stuff! But I am riding that wave and if I can influence other lives in a positive way, I am doing it! regmo2

Jo’s success as an author alongside her popularity as The Savvy Shopaholic  lead to her current career on television, lighting up the screens with bubbly enthusiasm. Aussie audiences know her as the Queen of Luxe for Less, bringing shopping tips that are en pointe to bargain enthusiasts. She is a TV presenter on Ch9’s Today Show, A Current Affair and is The Carousel’s resident shopping expert. Also recognized as an expert in corporate leadership, business, and channel strategy Jo Munro is a force to be reckoned with.

This is all the stuff that echoes the word impressive for sure, but there is something other than this well earned success that strikes a chord with me, Jo Munro is an exception in the crowd.

Why? It is not often you meet a person who is profoundly professional wearing intelligence like designer perfume that is also warm, caring and fun. Those big eyes look at you, and you know you are in the presence of someone with a special edge that says I AM HERE with a certain elegance and grace, reminding me of the likes of an Ita or an Isabella.

Her beautiful friend shares that X-factor. Regina’s background in media and communications is fascinating. From her work for 7Up Lemonade to bringing salads into a famous Pizza company, or what about hanging out with the likes of Michael Jackson? I’m looking forward to seeing the next chapter reveal itself and how all of this translates into helping other people. I know this lady and her service to others and dedication to helping those she believes in screams of real.

KM: Reggie, Michael Jackson was one of my childhood heroes. I could moonwalk with the best of them; I still have the glitter glove! I get so excited when we talk about who you have worked with.

What was working with and knowing celebrities like?

Reggie: It is so funny, because in fact everyone has a remarkable life, and at the time you don’t think they are remarkable, because you are in it. It was the heyday of the eighties; I was in my twenties. You have no fear at 21 because you don’t know the consequences! Michael was like a child, asking are we there yet? The incident of Tina’s wigs on an Ansett flight… a whole other story. (Some parts of this interview remain off the record- haha.)

This is a woman who loves and radiates a great sense of humor. Her eyes always look like they have some cheeky joke hiding in them waiting for fun. So I asked Reggie what makes her laugh the loudest?

Reggie: Clever people make me laugh the loudest, a play on words will do it. I am not a slapstick person, I appreciate someone’s brain, like Stephen Fry. People who can take the Mickey out of themselves is another. Wit. Your Cats make you laugh.

One thing I have noticed, is these two make each other laugh, a LOT.

Jo, what about you?

JO: What makes you laugh the loudest? Definitely intellectual humor. Graeme Norton or Stephen Fry at the BAFTAS: hilarious! No slapstick for me either and I am not into the American roasting style. Again people who look at the world from a different angle with humor makes me laugh. Smart people who call people out on their silly comments. Cats make me laugh too.

I become more than aware that cats are coming up in conversation, could I be in the presence of crazy cat ladies?

Jo, I know you were a dance teacher and performer: what makes your foot tap now?

Jo: I struggle to watch ballet; I get frustrated with technique. I love musicals and stage shows! (Grins inserted) In fact, we went to see Dreamlover to watch my gorgeous co-worker David Campbell. He is beyond talented! An all-encompassing talent. His voice is not light on; it’s full on and in one word: Amazing. His energy fills the theatre, and he is an all-rounder. He is a darling man. He is adorable and sincere.

So tell me about what you are doing this month? I heard whispers of a media-savvy workshop for up and coming folks is that right?

Jo: Our new project is Media Savvy workshops. When I got started, there just was not a Course with those insider secrets and tips. Things like what to take, what to ask, what to expect, interview styles, what happens when a segment runs long or short? How to get invited back! So we are rolling out these workshops to give people exactly that! So they can be ready and prepared, that opportunity to promote their brand, expertise, their product on TV, Radio and Print can be done with confidence.

How good does this sound Ponderers?


Well, I am excited about these two beautiful humans, and we wish them all the best. The first event I have heard this weekend is nearing a sell out (no surprises there) with another coming in May, but Jo hints there might be one to two tickets left.

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