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Midsummer Hiccups and the FOMO Effect

It is the fixtures and habits that anchor us to normality and keep the fear at bay. Unless you bathe in frequent faith- that stuff is Vanilla to the ice cream. But it is difficult to be soaking in that all the time. Body odor of the lesser faith-filled is stronger than a stale onion. Humanity has that effect.

Young Wordsmith

This incredible young freestyle poet happened upon our radar a few weeks ago, and the moment I read these poignant lines I put in my request. Australia I would like to introduce you to the words of our Young Wordsmith of the Month Lilli O'Driscoll. Only 14 years of...

Dr. Fiona Wood

Australian of the Year Anyone?  It’s not every day you get to meet an Australian of the Year. Or the head of a large foundation backed by some of the world’s most prestigious sponsors. I did my due diligence and researched my interviewee. The more I read, well let’s...


The Power of Introverts

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