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Savvy Duo Shine Bright

Channel Nine Superstar Jo Munro and powerhouse Marketing expert Regina Pascuzzi are joining forces in an exciting new enterprise in 2018. The dynamic duo are set to transform the lives of people as they enter the media industry. Ponderings got to hang out and palaver...

Ponder Kindness Part Two

There is nothing I like more than meeting a person who surprises you with a character that is refreshing and far from mundane. This interview with Fr. Rod has created a joyful series of conversations that spark the mind. The most refreshing facet of this man and his...

5 Ways To Prioritize Employee Health In Your Business - Fifty years ago, the idea of business owners concerning themselves with their employees’ health would have been a rather outlandish one. Employees, people would argue, were there to perform a role. T…Tweeted by @LevelUpCoachMM...


The Power of Introverts

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