What does it really mean to be inspired? Is it to be motivated or encouraged? Perhaps it means to be prompted into action when we read about our fellow humans and their moments of bravery, miracles and leaps of faith. The mundane can be profound when you scratch the surface. Welcome Ponderer, prepared to be inspired.

The O'Donnell Sister's Guide To Mama's Survival

The O’Donnell Sisters Guide to Mama’s Survival

How has your day been Mama? Right now, you might have your magnificent offspring on your hip while talking on the phone- we are amazing, we are warriors- tell us something we don’t know! But let’s be serious. Or not…

Murder on the Dance Floor, by Kirsten Macdonald

Murder on the Dance Floor

Let’s be honest here, looking into the light and stepping into the metaphoric sun could scorch your arse, who are we kidding? It is a bit of whoa and a whole lot of hanging onto your bums; this ride is going to be big. You in?

Ponderings Online Magazine The Survivor's Guide to Most Excellent News by Kirsten Macdonald

The Survivors Guide to Most Excellent News

Not everyone will respond like you. Ok, I am serious, you might think you can fart gold stars, but not everyone will see it that way.

The Bloom of Scar Tissue by Kirsten Macdonald Ponderings Magazine Australia

The Bloom of Scar Tissue

Consequence is a word you hold in your hand like a strange seed you found. Which garden shall you plant that in? The one that faces the north and screams of Victim or the one that says Growth?

The Secret Language of Tiffany, learning to be vulnerable with disease

The Secret Language of Tiffany

Deep huh? Hey don’t analyse mine, check out your own muscles, those suckers are there, along with a peacepipe and a marching band.

Things that make you go Om- Rocklyn Ashram Ponderings

Things That Make You Go OM

I consider this. It is easy to fall in love, but not always easy to detach from it.

Little Shape Changer Blog Ponderings Australia

The Case of The Exploding Brain

Would you like an after dinner mint with your Taboo topic?

Fiona Wood Ponderings Australia Magazine

Prof. Fiona Wood – Pioneer of Positive

It’s not every day you get to chat to an Australian of the Year. Or the head of a large foundation backed by some of the world’s most prestigious...
Dr Liew by Kirsten Macdonald Ponderings Magazine Australia

The Motorbike Chic Saving Lives

At a dinner party one night, a conversation started about an awe-inspiring surgeon who saved the life of a woman at our table. This surgeon was...
Sarah Healy Teknique Health

Anxiety- One Brave Step

What do you do when exercise is your job and you fear it? Anxiety when can be debilitating, but it can become one of your greatest achievement. Physiologist and superstar Sarah Healy ponders…

Jillie Carter Article Ponderings

A Transformative Life

The inner child, on meeting Louise Hay and how healing others can create a wonderful life of service- we chat with Jillie A. Carter

Outspoken by Fr Tod Bower Ponderings Magazine Australia

Outspoken – The Voice of Justice

There are twelve minutes and four seconds of my life of which I have no actual memory. That is the length of time I stood on the stage doing a TEDx talk.


Friendship- How To Do It Better

Friendship isn’t always easy, but there are ways to make life easier by being a good one, by Stevie Anne Minner

Little Shape Changer Blog Ponderings Australia

The Case of The Exploding Brain

Would you like an after dinner mint with your Taboo topic?

Reggie and Jo Munro Ponderings Magazine

Savvy Duo Shine Bright

Channel Nine Superstar Jo Munro and powerhouse Marketing expert Regina Pascuzzi are joining forces in an exciting new enterprise in 2018. The...
Fr Rod Bower Ponder Kindness on Church Board

Ponder Kindness Part Two

There is nothing I like more than meeting a person who surprises you with a character that is refreshing and far from mundane. This interview with...
The Healthy Happy Guide to Self Care by Kim Morrison Twenty8

The Healthy Happy Guide To Self Care by Wellness Sensation Kim Morrison

When one sits down to write a description about Australian superstar Kim Morrison sticking to a word count can be tricky. It’s not about waxing...

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