Spurred on by an existential crisis after brain surgery, the Ponderings of Kirsten blog became a reality with some pushing from a wonderful sister.

The overwhelming support from readers was life altering. Apparently a dark sense of humour paired with real life anecdotes about dying hit a note. But I soon grew tired of writing about myself…

When the platform grew to bursting point, I recognised the hunger in readers for good news.

Inspiring stories about everyday people were nowhere to be found. A team was created and Ponderings is now a magazine and a feast for the hearts and minds of thousands of people, along with a loyal subscriber base.

There are digital magazines, podcasts and then there are printed copies of your magazine…

The progression to physical copies, choosing the best stories in a printed Anthology was more than a little ambitious, intimidating and challenging. It was worth every bit!

We grew an ecosystem of new dynamic layers; Podcast + App. We then achieved Google News syndication (a yikes moment)

Presenting readers with a different lens to see some of Australia’s most celebrated artists, journalists, performers and leaders is awesome and humbling.

But the best bit? To interview some of our country’s most incredible people, often going under the radar of celebrity, gleaning insights into their stories so very worthy of telling.

We fiercely buck the trend of “negative news sells.”

The genesis of our human narrative comes from being inspired, reflecting on this inspiration and prospering from the action. Bonds are formed. “I see you.” Our goal succeeded; there is a sparkling thought spring for Ponderings folk to drink from in the content we wordsmith, record and present.

Our Hard Cover Coffee Table Book

COVID hit and we wanted something very special to inspire our readers while also creating a beautiful Book, rich with colour and imagination. This Second Anthology features some incredible humans.


A sneak peek

The Next Step- Technology + Publishing

We knew it was time to take Ponderings to a new level. New technology has created the ability to spread the word and get eyes on your work. The biggest bookstore in the world is the internet and the ability to reach the readers who are looking for you is more powerful than ever.


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